Blackhat Europe 2010 April 12, 2010 to April 12, 2010, Barcelona, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Misusing Wireless Isps For Anonymous Communication Andre Adelsbach Most wireless communication techniques are broadcast media by nature on the physical layer, i.e., the ... Security Wireless
Cyber[Crime|War] Charting Dangerous Waters Iftach Ian Amit CyberWar has been a controversial topic in the past few years. Some say the the ... Security
Binding The Daemon: Freebsd Kernel Stack And Heap Exploitation Patroklos Argyroudis None Security Exploitation
Scada And Ics For Security Experts: How To Avoid Being A Cyber Idiot James Arlen The traditional security industry has somehow decided that they are the white knights who are ... Security
Virtual Forensics Christiaan Beek This presentation will be about the problems we are facing when forensic research has to ... Security Forensics
Surviving Your Phone: Protecting Mobile Communications With Tor Marco Bonetti Tor is a software project that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of ... Security Privacy Business Development Browser
Fireshark - A Tool To Link The Malicious Web Stephan Chenette Thousands of legitimate web sites serve malicious content to millions of visitors each and every ... Security Web
Sap Backdoors: A Ghost At The Heart Of Your Business Mariano Croce In any company, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the heart of the business technological ... Security Business
Verifying Emrtd Security Controls Raoul D'costa With the transition to RFID enabled travel documents (including the ePassport and the eID) in ... Security
Targeted Attacks: From Being A Victim To Counter Attacking Andrzej Dereszowski This presentation is an analysis of a common sort of targeted attacks performed nowadays against ... Security Access Exploitation Analysis
Practical Crypto Attacks Against Web Applications Juliano Rizzo , Thai Duong In 2009, we released a paper on MD5 extension attack ([1]), and described how attackers ... Security Web
How To Operationally Detect And Break Misuse Of Weak Stream Ciphers (And Even Block Ciphers Sometimes) - Application To The Office Encryption Cryptanalysis Eric Filiol Despite the evergrowing use of block ciphers, stream ciphers are still widely used: satellite communications ... Security Risk
Defending The Poor Felix ( FX ) Lindner The talk presents a simple but effective approach for securing Rich Internet Application (RIA) content ... Security
Weaponizing Wireless Networks: An Attack Tool For Launching Attacks Against Sensor Networks Thanassis Giannetsos The pervasive interconnection of autonomous sensor devices has given birth to a broad class of ... Security Wireless
Hardware Is The New Software Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand Society thrives on an ever increasing use of technology. Electronics are embedded into nearly everything ... Security Access
0-Knowledge Fuzzing Vincenzo Iozzo Nowadays fuzzing is a pretty common technique used both by attackers and software developers. Currently ... Security Fuzzing
Security The Facebook Way Max Kelly Keynote Speaker Max Kelly discusses Facebook security values, spam and more. See the video here: Security
Adobe Reader'S Custom Memory Management: A Heap Of Trouble Haifei Lovet PDF vulnerabilities are hot. Several AV and security companies, in their 2010 predictions, cited an ... Security Exploitation
Universal Xss Via Ie8S Xss Filters David Nava Internet Explorer 8 has built in cross-site scripting (XSS) detection and prevention filters. We will ... Security
Changing Threats To Privacy: From Tia To Google Moxie Marlinspike We won the war for strong cryptography, anonymous darknets exist in the wild today, and ... Security Privacy
Oracle, Interrupted: Stealing Sessions And Credentials Steve Henrique In a world of free, ever-present encryption libraries, many penetration testers still find a lot ... Security
Abusing Jboss Christian Papathanasiou JBoss Application Server is the open source implementation of the Java EE suite of services. ... Security Access Exploitation
Hacking Cisco Enterprise Wlans Daniel Mende , Enno Rey The world of "Enterprise WLAN solutions" is full of obscure and "non-standard" elements and technologies. ... Security
Attacking Java Serialized Communication Manish Saindane Many applications written in JAVA make use of Object Serialization to transfer full blown objects ... Security Web Testing
State Of Malware: Family Ties Peter Carrera Over the last few years malware has gravitated towards a few major families rather than ... Security Rootkits Malware Development
Next Generation Clickjacking Paul Stone Clickjacking is a technique that can be used to trick users into performing unintended actions ... Security Web
Hacking The Smartcard Chip Christopher Tarnovsky TBA Security
Unveiling Maltego 3.0 Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh For a year the Paterva team has been quietly working on Maltego 3 with no ... Security
Security In Depth For Linux Software Julien Evans In many designs, the slightest error in the source code may become an exploitable vulnerability ... Security Access
Hiding In The Familiar: Steganography And Vulnerabilities In Popular Archives Formats Mario Vuksan , Tomislav Karney Exploiting archive formats can lead to steganographic data hiding and to processing errors with serious ... Security Forensics
Protocol, Mechanism And Encryption Of Pushdo/Cutwail/Webwail Botnet Kyle Yang After several months efforts, the pushdo/cutwail botnet author(s) finally released a new pushdo advanced installer(codename ... Security