ICMLA 2016 Dec. 18, 2016 to Dec. 20, 2016, california,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
173 Improved Time Series Classification with Representation Diversity and SVM Diego Silva , Rafael Giusti , Gustavo Batista N/A
248 Iterative Grammar-based Framework for Discovering Variable-Length Time Series Motif Yifeng Gao , Jessica Lin , Huzefa Rangwala N/A
82 Filer Response Time Prediction using Adaptively-learned Forecasting Models based on Counter Time Series Data Saurabh Deshpande , Kumar Dheenadayalan , G Srinivasaraghavan , Vn Muralidhara N/A
210 Dynamic factor mixture of experts for functional time series modeling Allou Samé N/A
232 Inferring Hearing Loss from Learned Speech Kernels Bonny Banerjee , Masoumeh Heidari Kapourchali , Shamima Najnin , Lisa Lucks Mendel , Sungmin Lee , Chhayakanta Patro , Monique Pousson N/A
160 Automatic Optimization of Localized Kernel Density Estimation For Hotspot Policing Mohammad Al Boni , Matthew Gerber N/A
190 Robust Kernel Embedding of Conditional and Posterior Distributions with Applications Muhammad Nawaz , Omar Arif N/A
106 Conformalized Kernel Ridge Regression Ivan Nazarov , Evgeny Burnaev N/A
128 Automated Optimal Architecture of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Recognition Saleh Albelwi , Ausif Mahmood N/A
214 Infrared Colorization Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Matthias Limmer , Hendrik Lensch N/A
216 Assessing Threat of Adversarial Examples against Deep Neural Networks Abigail Graese , Andras Rozsa , Terrance E. Boult N/A
254 Correlating Filter Diversity with Convolutional Neural Network Accuracy Casey Graff , Jeffrey Ellen N/A
57 A Hierarchical Meta-Classifier for Human Activity Recognition Anzah Niazi , Delaram Yazdansepas , Jennifer Gay , Frederick Maier , Lakshmish Ramaswamy , Khaled Rasheed , Matthew Buman N/A
257 Interaction Network Representations for Human Behavior Prediction Amnay Amimeur , Hai Phan , Dejing Dou , Brigitte Piniewski , David Kil N/A
44 Predicting Future Agent Motions for Dynamic Environments Fabio Previtali , Alejandro Bordallo , Luca Iocchi , Subramanian Ramamoorthy N/A
38 Demographic Group Prediction Based on Smart Device User Recognition Gestures Adel Alharbi , Mitchell Thornton N/A
253 Cross-Document Knowledge Discovery Using Semantic Concept Topic Model Xin Li , Wei Jin N/A
252 Domain Ontology Induction using Word Embeddings Niharika Gupta , Sanjay Podder , Annervaz K M , Shubhashis Sengupta N/A
15 Latent Topic-semantic Indexing based Automatic Text Summarization Jiangsheng Yu , Xuewen Chen N/A
150 An Investigation of Ensemble Techniques for Detection of Spam Reviews Brian Heredia , Taghi Khoshgoftaar , Joseph Prusa , Michael Crawford N/A
188 A Re-estimation Brain Storm Optimization to Train Hidden Markov Model for Transcription Factor Binding Site Analysis Xinyuan Ma , Haibin Duan N/A
30 Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks by Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Methods Turki Turki , Jason Wang , Ibrahim Rajikhan N/A
234 Bag of Bags: Nested Multi Instance Classification for Prostate Cancer Detection Junjie Zhang , Farzad Khalvati , Alexander Wong , Masoom A. Haider N/A
126 Decoding Epileptogenesis in a Reduced State Space Francois Meyer , Alexander Benison , Zachariah Smith , Daniel Barth N/A
259 Machine Learning for Plant Disease Incidence and Severity Measurements from Leaf Images Ernest Mwebaze , Godliver Owomugisha , Michael Biehl N/A
89 Exposing Inpainting Forgery in JPEG Images under Combination Attacks Qingzhong Liu N/A
60 Recognition and Analysis of the Contours Drawn During the Poppelreuter’s Test Sven Nomm , Aaro Toomela , Toomas Toomsoo , Julia Kozhenkina , Konstantin Bardosh , Ilja Masarov N/A
27 Automatic Species Recognition Based on Improved Birdsong Analysis Guangzhi Qu N/A
251 ECG Biometric Identification Using Wavelet Analysis Coupled with Probabilistic Random Forest Robin Tan , Marek Perkowski N/A
206 A Multifaceted Approach to Bitcoin Fraud Detection: Global and Local Outliers Patrick Monamo , Vukosi Marivate , Bhekisipho Twala N/A
80 Toward an Online Anomaly Intrusion Detection System Based on Deep Learning Khaled Alrawashdeh , Carla Purdy N/A
198 Android Malware Detection: Building Useful Representations Luiza Sayfullina , Emil Eirola , Dmitry Komashinsky , Paolo Palumbo , Juha Karhunen N/A
184 Investigating Transfer Learners for Robustness to Domain Class Imbalance Taghi Khoshgoftaar , Karl Weiss N/A
140 Learning Fairness under Constraints: A Decentralized Resource Allocation Game Jae C. Oh , Qinyun Zhu N/A
226 Bayesian Unification of Gradient and Bandit-based Learning for Accelerated Global Optimisation Ole-christoffer Granmo N/A
166 Are Accuracy and Robustness Correlated? Andras Rozsa , Terrance E. Boult , Manuel Gunther N/A
209 Advanced Image Classification Methods using Wavelets and Convolutional Neural Networks Travis Williams , Robert Li N/A
65 Consensus Clustering: A Resampling-based Method for Building Radiation Hybrid Maps Raed Seetan , Jacob Bible , Michael Karavias , Wael Seitan , Sam Thangiah N/A
215 An LED based Indoor Localization System using k-means Clustering Muhammad Saadi , Touqeer Ahmad , Yan Zhao , Lunchakorn Wuttisttikulkij N/A
29 Distributed conformal anomaly detection Ilia Nouretdinov N/A
141 Phase Identification in Electric Power Distribution Systems by Clustering of Smart Meter Data Joshua Davis , Wenyu Wang , Nanpeng Yu , Brandon Foggo N/A
Density-based Data Pruning Method for Deep Reinforcement Learning Teerapat Rojanaarpa , Irina Kataeva N/A
228 Identifying Nontechnical Power Loss via Spatial and Temporal Deep Learning Rajendra Bhat , Rodrigo Daniel Trevizan , Rahul Sengupta , Xiaolin Li , Arturo Bretas N/A
196 Bird Call Identification using Dynamic Kernel based Support Vector Machines and Deep Neural Networks Deep Chakraborty , Paawan Mukker , Padmanabhan Rajan , Dileep Aroor Dinesh N/A
231 A Next-Generation Secure Cloud-Based Deep Learning License Plate Recognition for Smart Cities Rohith Polishetty , Mehdi Roopaei , Paul Rad N/A
147 Energy Efficient EEG Monitoring System for Wireless Epileptic Seizure Detection Z. Jane Wang , Ramy Hussein , Rabab Ward N/A
142 Using Domain Knowledge Features for Wind Turbine Diagnostics Ioannis Konstantakopoulos , Costas Spanos , R Lily Hu , Kevin Leahy , David Auslander , Alice Agogino N/A
125 Improving HSDPA Traffic Forecasting Using Ensemble of Neural Networks Isah Abdullahi Lawal , Salihu Abdulkarim , Muhammad Kabir Hassan , Jibrin Mohammed Sadiq N/A
63 Nonlinear Metric Learning for Semi-Supervised Learning via Coherent Point Drifting Charles Smith , Pin Zhang , Bibo Shi , Jundong Liu N/A
88 Adaptive thresholding and reweighting to improve domain transfer learning for unbalanced data with applications to EEG imbalance Kyungmin Su , William Hairston , Kay Robbins N/A
122 L1-norm Principal-Component Analysis via Bit Flipping Panos Markopoulos , Sandipan Kundu , Shubham Chamadia , Dimitris Pados N/A
54 Event Based Weight Update for Learning Infinite Spike Train Sumit Bam Shrestha , Qing Song N/A
235 Comparing Gaussian Mixture Model and Hidden Markov Model to Classify Unique Physical Activities from Accelerometer Sensor Data Arindam Dutta , Owen Ma , Matthew P. Buman , Daniel W. Bliss N/A
163 A Probabilistic Programming Approach for Outlier Detection in Healthcare Claims Richard Bauder , Taghi Khoshgoftaar N/A
168 Automatic Algorithm Selection in Computational Software Using Machine Learning Qing Yi , Matthew Simpson , Jugal Kalita N/A
49 System-Level Test Case Prioritization using Machine Learning Remo Lachmann , Sandro Schulze , Manuel Nieke , Christoph Seidl , Ina Schaefer N/A
69 Detecting Smooth Cluster Changes in Evolving Graphs Sohei Okui , Kaho Osamura , Akihiro Inokuchi N/A
48 A Privacy-Preserving Solution for the Bipartite Ranking Problem Erman Ayday , Noushin Salek Faramarzi , H. Altay Guvenir N/A
61 Temporal Link Prediction Using Time Series of Quasi-Local Node Similarity Measure Alper Ozcan , Sule Oguducu N/A
8 DERIV: Distributed In-memory Brand Perception Tracking Framework Chang-tien Lu , Andrew Fong , Manu Shukla , Ray Dos Santos N/A
246 Hybrid Recommendation Model based on a contextual similarity between users Amel Hannech , Mehdi Adda , Hamid Mcheick N/A
189 Macro-optimization of email recommendation response rates harnessing individual activity levels and group affinity trends Mohammed Korayem , Khalifeh Aljadda , Trey Grainger N/A
28 Course Learning Outcome Performance Improvement: A Remedial Action Classification Based Approach Ilyes Jenhani N/A
36 Extending Soft Sets towards the Optimality of Decision based on Multiple Decisions over the Same Data Farooq Ahmad N/A
39 A Formal Design for the Lexical and Syntax Analyzer of a Pedagogically Effective Subset of C++ Shoaib Farooq N/A
64 Analysis for Status of the Road Accident Occurance and Determination of the Risk of Accident by Machine Learning in Istanbul Halil Kaya , Yusuf Tulgar N/A
34 Classifying educational materials in low-resource languages Gihad Sohsah , Onur Guzey , Zaina Tarmanini N/A
17 k-Means Partition of Monthly Average Insolation Period Data for Turkey Ilhami Colak , Mehmet Yesilbudak , Ramazan Bayindir N/A
21 Hourly solar irradiance forecasting based on machine learning models Allou Samé , Fateh Nassim Melzi , Taieb Touati , Latifa Oukhellou N/A
24 Applying the meta-heuristic prediction algorithm for modeling Power Density in Wind Power Plant Ilhami Colak , Ramazan Bayindir , Melike Ayaz , Hamdi Kahraman N/A
67 Faults Investigation of Transformer Windings Using the Frequency Response Analysis FRA Moustafa Sahnoune Chaouche , Hamza Houassine , Samir Moulahoum , Ilhami Cola N/A
68 A Study on Effects of Different Control Period of Neural Network Based Reference Modified PID Control for DC-DC Converters Hidenori Maruta , Hironobu Taniguchi , Fujio Kurokawa N/A
5 Enhanced Approach to Detection of SQL Injection Attack Bing Zhou N/A
11 Towards Web Spam Filtering using a Classifier based on the Minimum Description Length Principle Renato Silva N/A
13 Early Identification of Vulnerable Software Components via Ensemble Learning Yulei Pang N/A
27 Building a Platform for Software-Defined Networking Cybersecurity Applications Chongya Song N/A
37 Identifying Gender From SMS Text Messages Cihan Varol N/A
43 Biometric Recognition Through Machine Learning Techniques and Security Assessment of Implementation Process Ezgi Yorulmaz N/A
9 A Web Based Pipeline Tool for the Combination of Logic Conditions for NGS Data Hui Li , Chunmei Liu N/A
49 A Parallel K-Medoids Algorithm for Clustering based on MapReduce M. Omair Shafiq , Eric Torunski N/A
50 A Big Data Analytics Framework for Supporting Multidimensional Mining over Big Healthcare Data Mario Bochicchio , Alfredo Cuzzocrea , Lucia Vaira N/A
56 An Effective and Efficient Similarity-Matrix- Based Algorithm for Clustering Big Mobile Social Data Alfredo Cuzzocrea , Gloria Bordogna , Luca Frigerio , Giuseppe Psaila N/A
58 Hedonic Housing Theory – A Machine Learning Investigation Timothy Oladunni , Sharad Sharma N/A
3 Feedforward Neural Networks for Predicting the Duration of Maintained Software Projects Cuauhtémoc López-martín N/A
15 Equipment condition diagnosis and fault fingerprint extraction in semiconductor manufacturing Hamideh Rostami , Jakey Blue , Claude Yugma N/A
32 A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Planning Safe Trajectories in Complex Traffic-Scenario Amit Chaulwar , Michael Botsch , Wolfgang Utschick N/A
46 Efficient Content Replacement in Wireless Content Delivery Network with Cooperative Caching Jihoon Sung , Kyounghye Kim , Junhyuk Kim , June-koo Rhee N/A
59 Spatial Dependency and Hedonic Housing Regression Model Timothy Oladunni N/A
65 Constructing a Deep Regression Model Utilizing Cascaded Sparse Autoencoders and Stochastic Gradient Descent Arezu Moussav , Mo Jamshidi N/A
38 A novel algorithm for dynamic clustering: properties and performance Nathalie Barbosa , Louise Travé-massuyès , Victor Grisales N/A
66 User Movement Prediction: The Contribution of Machine Learning Techniques Ali Bou Nassif , Shadi Banitaan , Mohammad Azzeh N/A
7 Validation of a quantifier-based fuzzy classification system for breast cancer patients on external independent cohorts Daniele Soria , Jonathan Garibaldi N/A
12 Review on Machine Learning Based Lesion Segmentation Methods from Brain MR Images Evgin Goceri , Esther Dura Martinez , Melih Gunay N/A
22 Machine Learning for Optimum CT-Prediction for qPCR Evgin Goceri , Melih Gunay , Rajarajeswari Balasubramaniyan N/A
25 Iteratively learning a liver segmentation using probabilistic atlases: preliminary results Evgin Goceri , Esther Dura Martinez , Juan Domingo N/A
31 Probabilistic Expert Systems for Reasoning in Clinical Depressive Disorders Blessing Ojeme , Audrey Mbogho , Thomas Meyer N/A
40 Feature Fusion for Denoising and Sparse Autoencoders: Application to Neuroimaging Data Mo Jamshidi , Arezu Moussavi , Subhashie Wijemanne N/A
999 Differentiation and Integration of Machine Learning Feature Vectors Xinying Mu , Ana B. Pavel , Mark Kon N/A
14 HMM-based Intrusion Detection System for Software Defined Networking Alexander Perez-pons , Jorge Perdomo , Trae Hurley N/A
51 Epilepsy, A Cyberattack on Brains’ Networked Control System Saman Sargolzaei , Mercedes Cabrerizo , Arman Sargolzaei , Shirin Noei , Malek Adjouadi N/A
53 Toward Parametric Security Analysis of Machine Learning based Cyber Forensic Biometric Systems Koosha Sadeghi , Ayan Banerjee , Sandeep K.s. Gupta N/A
54 Automating ECU Identification for Vehicle Security Ram Dantu , Michael Jaynes* , Roland Varriale Ii N/A
55 A Machine Learning Approach for Fault Detection in Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems Arman Sargolzaei , Shirin Noei , Carl Iii , Alireza Abaspour N/A
16 An Oblivious Routing-based Power Flow Calculation Method For Loss Minimization of Smart Power Networks: A Theoretical Perspective Kianoosh Boroojeni , M. Hadi Amini , S.s. Iyengar N/A
8 Multiview Centroid Based Fuzzy Classification of large data Gaurav Tyagi , Nilesh Patel , Ishwar Sethi N/A
30 Local and Global Data Spread Based Index for Determining Number of Clusters in a Dataset Romana Riyaz , M. Arif Wani N/A
42 Sequential Pattern Based Temporal Contour Representations for Content-Based Multimedia Timeline Analysis Gang Ren , Joseph Johnson , Hyunhwan Lee , Mitsunori Ogihara N/A
47 Predicting Movie Box Office Profitability: A Neural Network Approach Farhana Zulkernine , Travis Rhee N/A
161 Area-Specific Crime Prediction Models Mohammad Al Boni , Matthew Gerber N/A
164 A New Approach of Matrix Factorization and Its Application in Recommender Systems Hong Peng , Shuyi Hong , Linkai Luo , Qifeng Zhou , Xiaoqin Huang N/A
39 TIE: an algorithm for incrementally evolving taxonomy for text data Rabia Irfan , Sharifullah Khan N/A
66 Realizing real-time deep learning-based super-resolution applications on Integrated GPUs Sungye Kim , Preeti Bindu N/A
70 Sentiment Analysis of Restaurant on Yelp Reviews Jugal Kalita , Tri Doan N/A
71 Classification of X-ray Galaxy Clusters with Morphological Feature and Tree SVM Lei Wang , Zhixian Ma , Haiguang Xu , Jie Zhu N/A
72 Validation of a Federation of Collaborative Rational Agents for the Diagnosis Of Acute Coronary Syndromes in a Population with High Probability John Sprockel , Juan José Diaztagle , Cristian Castillo , Alberto Llanos , Enrique Gonzalez N/A
76 Autonomous Biological Cell Injection Based on Vision and Motion Control Yulong Zhang , Qingsong Xu N/A
77 Bee colony based worker reliability estimation algorithm in microtask crowdsourcing Alireza Moayedikia , Kok-leong Ong , Yee Ling Boo , William Yeoh N/A
98 Recognition of Slab Identification Numbers using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network Sang Jun Lee , Sang Woo Kim N/A
137 Identifying IT purchases anomalies in the Brazilian Government Procurement System using Deep Learning Silvio Domingos , Rommel Carvalho , Ricardo Carvalho N/A
250 Automatic Container Code Recognition via Spatial Transformer Networks and Connected Component Region Proposals Ankit Verma , Monika Sharma , Ramya Hebbalaguppe , Ehtesham Hassan , Lovekesh Vig N/A
159 Regression with n$to$1 by Expert Knowledge Elicitation Marta Soare , Muhammad Ammad-ud-din , Samuel Kaski N/A
62 Cyberbullying Detection with a Pronunciation Based Convolutional Neural Network Hongxin Hu , Xiang Zhang , Jonathan Tong , Nishant Vishwamitra , Joseph Mazer , Robin Kowalski , Feng Luo , Elizabeth Whittake , Jamie Macbeth , Edward Dillon N/A
34 Automatic Object Detection using DBSCAN for Counting Intoxicated Flies in the FLORIDA Assay Christian Bodenstein , Markus Götz , Annika Jansen , Henrike Scholz , Morris Riedel N/A
52 Screen Unlocking by Spontaneous Flick Reactions with One-class Classification Approaches Yoshitomo Matsubara , Haruhiko Nishimura , Toshiharu Samura , Hiroyuki Yoshimoto , Ryohei Tanimoto N/A
78 An Empirical Study on Machine Learning Models for Wind Power Predictions Yiqian Liu , Huajie Zhang N/A
103 Improving Speed Independent Performance of Fault Diagnosis Systems through Feature Mapping and Normalization Aparna S. Raghunath , K. T. Sreekumar , C. Santhosh Kumar , K. I. Ramachandran N/A
104 On the L1-norm Approximation of a Matrix by Another of Lower Rank Panos Markopoulos , Dimitris Pados , Nicholas Tsagkarakis N/A
112 Relevance Vector Sampling for Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Action Space Minwoo Lee , Charles Anderson N/A
113 Predicting Recovery of Credit Operations on a Brazilian Bank Rommel Carvalho , Ricardo Carvalho , Rogerio Lopes , Marcelo Ladeira N/A
149 A New Feature for Cross-day Psychophysiological Workload Estimation Ryan Hefron , Brett Borghetti N/A
181 Extracting Addresses From News Reports Using Conditional Random Fields Xiaoqian Liu , Donald Brown N/A
182 An Active Learning Approach to Audio-to-Score Alignment Using Dynamic Time Warping Ching-hua Chuan N/A
218 Learning the Domain of Sparse Matrices Suleyman Salin , Murat Manguoglu , H. Metin Aktulga N/A
224 Road Detection through Supervised Classification Yasamin Alkhorshid , Kamelia Aryafar , Sven Bauer , Gerd Wanielik N/A
225 ADHD and ASD Classification Based on Emotion Recognition Data Mahiye Uluyagmur-ozturk , Ayse Rodopman Arman , Seval Sultan Yilmaz , Onur Findik , Herdem Aslan Genc , Gresa Carkaxhiubulut , M.yanki Yazgan , Umut Teker , Zehra Cataltepe N/A
14 A Countable State PGM for Tracking Entity Movement Tim Zajic N/A
22 Spontaneous Facial Expression Recognition: A Part Based Approach Nazil Perveen , Krishna Mohan Chalavadi N/A
84 A Prediction Modelling and Pattern Detection Approach for the First Episode Psychosis Associated to Cannabis Use Wajdi Alghamdi , Daniel Stamate , Katherine Vang , Daniel Stahl , Diego Quattrone , Marco Colizzi , Giada Tripoli , Robin M Murray , Marta Di Forti N/A
91 Time Series Classification Using Time Warping Invariant Echo State Networks Pattreeya Tanisaro , Gunther Heidemann N/A
171 Towards Deep Learning Invariant Pedestrian Detection by Data Enrichment Cristina N. Vasconcelos , Aline Paes , Anselmo Montenegro N/A
185 A Nonnegative Tensor Factorization Approach for Three-Dimensional Binary Wafer-Test Data Thomas Siegert , Reinhard Schachtner , Gerhard Pöppel , Elmar Lang N/A
51 Using Temporal discovery and Data-driven Journey-maps to Predict Customer Satisfaction Glenn Fung , Joe Bockhorst , Sukrat Gupta , Maleeha Qazi , Mingju Sun N/A
64 Uncovering the Landscape of Fraud and Spam in the Telephony Channel David Dewey , Aude Marzuoli , Hassan Kingravi , Robert Pienta N/A
152 Premature ventricular contraction beat detection with deep neural networks Tae Joon Jun , Hyun Ji Park , Nguyen Hoang Minh , Daeyoung Kim , Young-hak Kim N/A
153 Preference Aware Recommendation Based on Categorical Information Rui Zhang , Ya Zhang , Zhiwei Rao , Jiangchao Yao N/A
176 Denoising high resolution multispectral images using deep learning approach Utkarsh Ojha , Ankur Garg N/A
204 Ensembling Sparse Representation Classifiers through Layers of Support Vector Machines Sudarshan Babu , Vikaasa Ramdas N/A
205 Relational Synthesis of Text and Numeric Data for Anomaly Detection on Computing System Logs Sean Blanchard , Song Fu , Elisabeth Baseman , Zongze Li N/A
23 Visual Big Data Analytics for Traffic Monitoring in Smart City Nazil Perveen , Dinesh Singh , Vishnu C. , C. Krishna Mohan N/A
32 Revealing Fundamental Physics from the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment using Deep Neural Networks Evan Racah , Wahid Bhimji N/A
58 Author Identification using Deep Learning Nagwa El-makky , Ahmed Mohsen , Nagia Ghanem N/A
85 Water Fixture Identification in Smart Housing: A Domain Knowledge Based Case Study Yan Gao , Daqing Hou , Natasha Kholgade Banerjee , Sean Banerjee N/A
155 Parallel Text Identification Using Lexical and Corpus Features for the English-Maori Language Pair Mahsa Mohaghegh , Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh N/A
240 Practical Techniques For Using Neural Networks To Estimate State From Images Stephen Ashmore , Michael Gashler N/A
256 Faster Gated Recurrent Units via Conditional Computation Andrew Davis , Itamar Arel N/A
19 Relevance Vector Machines with Uncertainty Measure for Seismic Bayesian Compressive Sensing and Survey Design Georgios Pilikos , Anita Faul N/A
47 Improving the State Space Representation through Association Rules Valquiria Duarte , Rita Julia N/A
56 A Statistical Learning Method to Fast Generalised Rule Induction Directly from Raw Measurements Thien Le , Frederic Stahl , Mohamed Medhat Gaber , Chris Wrench N/A
177 Neural Network Conditional Random Fields for Self-Paced Brain Computer Interfaces Hossein Bashashati , Rabab K. Ward , Ali Bashashati N/A
245 Using Classification in the Preprocessing Step on Wi-Fi Data as an Enabler of Physical Analytics Stan Matwin , M. Hossein Sarshar N/A
79 Air Quality Prediction Based on Spatio-Temporal Extreme Learning Machine Bo Liu N/A
105 Deep Learning Anomaly Detection as Support Fraud Investigation in Brazilian Exports and Anti-Money Laundering Marcelo Ladeira , Ebberth L. Paula , Rommel N. Carvalho , Thiago Marzagão N/A
108 Linear Discriminant Analysis for Large-Scale data : Application on Text and Image data Nassara Gado , Edith Grall-maes , Malika Kharouf N/A
146 Bayesian network classification: Application to Epilepsy type prediction using PET scan data Kamel Jebreen , Badih Ghattas N/A
203 Fast Nearest Neighbor Search With Transformed Residual Quantization Xiuwen Liu , Jiangbo Yuan N/A
255 A Supervised Learning Framework for Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Simulations Ming Jiang , Brian Gallagher , Joshua Kallman , Daniel Laney N/A
120 Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Unit Ball Embedding (UBE) and its Application to Image Clustering Stan Matwin , Behrouz Haji Soleimani N/A
192 Basic investigation on a robust and practical plant diagnostic system Erika Fujita , Yusuke Kawasaki , Hiroyuki Uga , Satoshi Kagiwada , Hitoshi Iyatomi N/A
200 Combining Analytical and Holistic Strategies for Handwriting Recognition Hesham Eraqi , Sherif Abdelazeem , Mohsen Rashwan N/A
247 Managing Constraints and Preferences for Winner Determination in Multi-Attribute Reverse Auctions Malek Mouhoub , Farnaz Ghavamifar N/A
18 Freight Vehicle Travel Time Prediction Using Gradient Boosting Regression Tree Xia Li , Ruibin Bai N/A
96 Using Latent Variable Autoregression to Monitor the Health of Individuals with Congestive Heart Failure Robert Fisher , Asim Smailagic , Reid Simmons , Kimitake Mizobe N/A
97 A Novel Approach to Big Data Veracity using Crowdsourcing Techniques and Bayesian Predictors Bhoomika Agarwal , Abhiram Ravikumar , Snehanshu Saha N/A
99 Comparing Machine Learning Approaches for Semantic Clone Detection Using Novel Features Jugal Kalita , Abdullah Sheneamer N/A
101 Error Detection of Ocean Depth Series Data with Area Partitioning and Using Sliding Window Shogo Hayashi , Satoshi Ono , Shigeki Hosoda , Masayuki Numao , Ken-ichi Fukui N/A
116 Short-Term Urban Rail Passenger Flow Forecasting: a Dynamic Bayesian Network Approach Jérémy Roos , Stéphane Bonnevay , Gérald Gavin N/A
136 Neural Network Controller for Regulation of a Water-Cooled Fuel Cell Stack Syed Misbahuddin , Mohamed El-sharkh , Srinivas Palanki N/A
165 A Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm Classifier: The Impact of Time-Series Load Data Temporal Dimension on Classification Performance Ahmed Abdulaal , Shihab Asfour N/A
178 Automatic Text Classification of ICD-10 Related CoD from Complex and Free Text Forensic Autopsy Reports Ghulam Mujtaba , Liyana Shuib , Ram Gopal Raj , Retnagowri Ranjandram N/A
33 Real-Time Activity Classification by Matched Filtering using Body-Worn Accelerometers Craig Euler , C.t. Lin , Bryan Juarez , Melissa Flores N/A
40 Interpretation Method of Nonlinear Multilayer Principal Component Analysis by using Sparsity and Hierarchical Clustering Natsuki Koda , Sumio Watanabe N/A
211 Learning of aggregate features for comparing drivers based on naturalistic data Iulian Carpatorea , Slawomir Nowaczyk , Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson , Marcus Elmer , Johan Lodin N/A