LISA 2016 Dec. 7, 2016 to Dec. 9, 2016, boston,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks John Arrasjid , Matt Simmons N/A
The Evolution of People, Process, and Technology in the Digital Age John Roese N/A
UAVs, IoT, and Cybersecurity David Kovar N/A
Stop Lying to Your Customers—the Cloud Is Neither Private Nor Secure: What Your Customers Need to Do for Privacy and Security, and How You Can Help Them James Whitehead N/A
Building a Billion User Load Balancer Patrick Shuff N/A
Sensu and the Art of Monitoring Sean Porter N/A
Modern Cryptography Concepts: Hype or Hope Radia Perlman N/A
Strategic Storytelling Jessica Hilt N/A
Git Crash Course Thomas Uphill N/A
How to Virtualize the End-User's Desktop (or How to Play More Warcraft/Halo during the Day) Linus Bourque N/A
Beginning Wireshark Brett Thorson N/A
How Should We Ops? Courtney Eckhardt N/A
SRE at a StartUp: Lessons from LinkedIn Craig Sebenik N/A
Capturing All of Stack Overflow's Logs George Beech N/A
The Hard Truths about Microservices and Software Delivery Anders Wallgren , Avantika Mathur N/A
Traps and Cookies: A Mystery Package from Your Former Self Tanya Reilly N/A
How to Succeed in Ops without Really Trying Chastity Blackwell N/A
S, M, and L Logstash Architectures: The Foundations Jamie Riedesel N/A
Quick Start to Pacemaker HA Mike Diehn N/A
Core Skills: Scripting for Automation Mike Ciavarella N/A
Behind Closed Doors: Managing Passwords in a Dangerous World Noah Kantrowitz N/A
The Road to Mordor: Information Security Issues and Your Open Source Project Amye Scavarda N/A
An Architect's Guide to Designing Risk Daemon Behr N/A
Engineer the Future Jinnah Dylan Hosein N/A
Don't Burn Out or Fade Away: Conquering Occupational Burnout Avleen Vig N/A
You Can't Build a Team in the Thunderdome: Better Hiring through Empathy Ryan Mckern N/A
S, M, and L Logstash Architectures: Reaching For the Sky Jamie Riedesel N/A
Release Pipelines in Microsoft Ecosystems Warren Frame N/A
The Future of Engineering Tools and Techniques in Operations Mitchell Hashimoto N/A
Passing the Console: Fostering the Next Generation of Ops Professionals Alice Goldfuss N/A
Heresy in the Church of Docker Corey Quinn N/A
TTL of a Penetration Branson Matheson N/A
What I Learned from Science-ing Four Years of DevOps Nicole Forsgren N/A
Data Has Always Been Big Kyle Erf N/A
SRE: It's People All the Way Down Lex Neva , Courtney Eckhardt N/A
Interfacing with Humans: How to Manage in Prod Ops Connie-lynne Villani N/A
Writing and Consuming REST Services Chris St. Pierre N/A
Advanced Wireshark Brett Thorson N/A
NetOps Meets DevOps: Network Infrastructure Management Automation Marcio Saito N/A
The Paradox of Software Craftsmanship Theo Schlossnagle N/A
Stealing the Best Ideas from DevOps: A Guide for Sysadmins without Developers Thomas Limoncelli , Christina Hogan N/A
Code Review for Operations Spencer Krum Krum N/A
Dyn, DDoS, and the DNS Chris Baker N/A
Linux 4.X Tracing Tools: Using BPF Superpowers Brendan Gregg N/A
Why We Can't Have Nice Things: A Tale of Woe and a Hope for the Future Pete Cheslock N/A
Hard Knocks and Soft Spots: A Docker-Centric CI/CD Pipeline at VMware Fabio Rapposelli , Ivan Porto Carrero N/A
Living in a Post-Post-Mortem World: Techniques for Incident Analysis Connie-lynne Villani N/A
The 90-Minute Cassandra DBA Chris Mceniry N/A
Writing (Micro)Services with Flask Chris St. Pierre N/A
Implementing DevOps in a Regulated Traditionally Waterfall Environment Jason Victor , Peter Lega N/A
Catch Fire and Halt: Fire in the Datacenter Jon Kuroda N/A
The 7 Righteous Fights Heidi Waterhouse N/A
Intelligent Anomaly Detection in Heterogeneous Internet Services Dong Wang N/A
No User Left Behind: Making Sure Customers Reach Your Service Mohit Suley N/A
From BOFH to Just Another Person in the Standup, Surviving the Move to DevOps Jamie Riedesel N/A
Managing Dispersed Teams Scott Cromar N/A
Making Developers More Productive with Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Docker John J. Rofrano N/A
Identifying Emergent Behaviors in Complex Systems Jane Adams N/A
Lost Treasures of the Ancient World David Blank-edelman N/A
Zero Trust Networks: Building Systems in Untrusted Networks Evan Gilman N/A
The Devopsification of Windows Server 2016 Jeffrey Snover N/A
Consul as a Monitoring Solution Seth Vargo N/A
Everything Is Terrible, and We're to Blame Jim Perrin N/A
Using Open Source Telemetry to Drive Change in Management Environments Susan Young N/A
Security Compliance for Containers and VMs with OpenSCAP Martin Preisler N/A
Machine Learning for SREs Matt Harrison N/A
Network-Based LUKS Volume Decryption with Tang Brian J. Atkisson N/A
Sysadmins Ask the Managers Andy Seely N/A
An Admin's Guide to Data Visualization Caskey L. Dickson N/A
Interplanetary DevOps at NASA JPL Dan Isla N/A
Unik: A Platform for Automating Unikernels Compilation and Deployment Idit Levine N/A
Failure: Why It Happens & How to Benefit from It Vm (vicky) Brasseur N/A
Culture-Driven Incident Response Dave Nicholson N/A
Running with MongoDB: Build Your Cluster Like a Champ! Nuri Halperin N/A