Blackhat Europe 2008 March 25, 2008 to March 26, 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Spam-Evolution Aseem "@" Jakhar None Security
Ldap Injection & Blind Ldap Injection Chema Alonso , Jose Parada Gimeno None Security
Malware On The Net - Behind The Scenes Iftach Ian Amit None Security Malware
Keynote: Digital Security: A Risky Business Ian O. Angell None Security Business
Crackstation Nick Breese None Security
Bad Sushi - Beating Phishers At Their Own Game Billy Rios , Nitesh Dhanjani None Security
Side Channel Analysis On Embedded Systems. Impact And Countermeasures Job Dehaas None Security Analysis
New Viral Threats Of Pdf Language Eric Filiol None Security
0-Day Patch -Exposing Vendors (In)Security Performance Stefan Frei , Bernard Tellenbach None Security
Intercepting Mobile Phone/Gsm Traffic Steve Adegbite , David Hulton Security
Biologger - A Biometric Keylogger Matthew Lewis None Security
Developments In Cisco Ios Forensics Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security Forensics
Uri Use And Abuse Billy Rios , Nathan Mcfeters , Rob Carter None Security
Mobile Phone Spying Tools Jarno Niemelä None Security
The Fundamentals Of Physical Security Deviant Ollam None Security
Client-Side Security Petko ( pdp ) D. Petkov None Security
Antiphishing Security Strategy Angelo P.E. Rosiello None Security
Attacking Anti-Virus Feng Xue None Security
Security Failures In Secure Devices Christopher Tarnovsky None Security
Investigating Individuals And Organizations Using Open Source Intelligence Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Chris Böhme None Security
Exposing Vulnerabilities In Media Software David Thiel None Security Media
Hacking Second Life Michael Thumann None Security
Iron Chef Black Hat: John Henry Challenge Jacob West , Brian Chess , Sean Fay , Pravir Chandra None Security