RWC 2017 Jan. 4, 2017 to Jan. 6, 2017, new york city,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Software engineering and OpenSSL is not an oxymoron Rich Salz N/A
Project Wycheproof - Scaling crypto testing Thai Duong , Emilia Nguyen N/A
X.509 in Practice (It's worse than you think) L jean Camp , Jacob Abbott , Pratik Patel , Zheng Dong , Kevin Kane , David Cooper , Siyu Chen N/A
Is Crypto Software Safe Yet? Quan Nguyen N/A
NSEC5: Provably Preventing DNSSEC Zone Enumeration Sharon Goldberg N/A
Cryptographically Securing the Network Time Protocol Daniel Franke N/A
Security assessment of software security: A closer look at white-box cryptographic implementations Joppe w. Bos N/A
NIST's Post-Quantum Cryptography Project Rene Peralta N/A
Cryptographic Suite for Algebraic Lattices — CRYSTAL Tancrède Lepoint N/A
Practical post-quantum key exchange from both ideal and generic lattices Valeria Nikolaenko N/A
Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman Michael Naehrig N/A
The Strobe protocol framework Mike Hamburg N/A
FourQ based cryptography for high performance and low power applications Patrick Longa N/A
High-Throughput Secure 3PC for Semi-Honest and Malicious Adversaries - Breaking the Billion-Gate per Second Barrier Yehuda Lindell N/A
Secure Multiparty Computation at Google Ben Kreuter N/A
Challenges of E2E Encryption in Facebook Messenger Jon Millican N/A
Memories for Your Eyes Only Moti Yung N/A
DMCA Mitch Stoltz N/A
Message Encryption Trevor Perrin N/A
A Formal Security Analysis of the Signal Messaging Protocol Cas Cremers , Douglas Stebila , Benjamin Dowling , Katriel Cohn-gordon , Luke Garratt N/A
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy Tibor Jager , Felix Günther , Britta Hale , Sebastian Lauer N/A
Towards 5G Authenticated Key-Exchange: the security and privacy of the AKA Protocol Pierre-alain Fouque , Cristina Onete , Benjamin Richard N/A
Is Password InSecurity Inevitable? Cryptographic Enhancements to Password Protocols Hugo Krawczyk N/A
Towards a Theory of Data-Independent Memory Hard Functions Krzysztof Pietrzak , Jeremiah Blocki , Joel Alwen N/A
The memory-hardness of Scrypt Stefano Tessaro N/A
Solving the Cloudflare CAPTCHA Filippo Valsorda , George Tankersley , Alex Davidson N/A
Security assessment of software security: A closer look at white-box cryptographic implementations The physics of building a quantum computer Evan Jeffrey N/A
Erasing secrets from RAM Laurent Simon N/A
Direct Anonymous Attestation and TPM 2.0: Getting Provably-Secure Crypto into the Real-World Anja Lehmann N/A
DPA Resistance for Real People Helena Handschuh N/A
What Else is Revealed by Order-Revealing Encryption David Cash N/A
Breaking Web Applications Built On Top of Encrypted Data Vitaly Shmatikov , Thomas Ristenpart , Paul Grubbs , Muhammad Naveed , Richard Mcpherson N/A
Building web applications on top of encrypted data Raluca Ada Popa N/A
PRNG Failures and TLS Vulnerabilities in the Wild David Mcgrew , Scott Fluhrer , Blake Anderson , Chris Shenefiel N/A
Concerto: A Methodology Towards Reproducible Analyses of TLS Datasets Nicolas Vivet , Olivier Levillain , Maxence Tury N/A
Productizing TLS Attacks: The Rupture API Aggelos Kiayias , Dionysis Zindros , Eva Sarafianou N/A
Rethinking Internet-Scale Consensus Elaine Shi N/A
Listening to and Silencing the Whispers of Ripple: Study and Solutions for Privacy in IOweYou Credit Networks Aniket Kate , Pedro Moreno-sanchez N/A
Cryptography and Protocols in Hyperledger Fabric Elli Androulaki , Christian Cachin , Marko Vukolić N/A