bsideshuntsville 2017 Feb. 4, 2017 to Feb. 4, 2017, huntsville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote Dave Chronister N/A
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! AKA Dynamic Malware Analysis for the Overworked Analyst Edmund Brumaghin N/A
How to fix stupid - Methodologies to effectively stop users from clicking! Joshua Crumbaugh N/A
Something Died Inside Your Git Repo: Recognizing the Smell of Insecure Code Cliff Smith N/A
Zigbee - Control Your World Technology and Wireless Remote Sensing Technology Charline F. Nixon , Bill Brown N/A
How to Build Products Using Open Platform Firmware Brian Richardson N/A
All Your Door Belong To Me - Attacking Physical Access Systems Valerie Thomas N/A
FTFY: The Addictive Game of Mending Malware Misbehavior with flare-qdb and Vivisect Michael Bailey N/A
Kick starting an application security program with limited experience. Timothy De Block N/A
Machine Augmented Analysis Anthony Aragues N/A
A worm in the Apple - Examining OSX malware Wes Widner N/A
Vulnerability hunting in Access Controls Bobby Kuzma N/A
Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the key Erich Kron N/A
OSINT Joe Gray N/A