Blackhat Europe 2007 March 29, 2007 to March 30, 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Roger Cumming Roger will provide an overview of the work of CPNI in reducing vulnerability in information ... Security Community Development
Web Service Vulnerabilities Sahba Kazerooni Security has become the limiting reagent in the broad adoption of web services. As a ... Security Web
Nids: False Positive Reduction Through Anomaly Detection Emmanuele Zambon The Achilles' heel of network IDSes lies in the large number of false positives (i.e., ... Security
Software Virtualization Based Rootkits Sun Bing The most popular virtual execution technologies include pure emulator, API emulator and virtual machine, the ... Security Rootkits
Wi-Fi Advanced Fuzzing Laurent Butti Fuzzing is a software testing technique that consists in finding implementation bugs. Fuzzing Wi-Fi drivers ... Security Fuzzing
Hacking Databases For Owning Your Data Esteban Martínez Fayó Data theft is becoming a major threat, criminals have identified where the money is, In ... Security
Kernel Wars Christer Öberg Kernel vulnerabilities are often deemed unexploitable or at least unlikely to be exploited reliably. Although ... Security Exploitation
Next Generation Debuggers For Reverse Engineering Eresi Team Classical debuggers make use of an interface provided by the operating system in order to ... Security Access
Making Windows Exploits More Reliable Kostya Kortchinsky A common issue with Windows exploits is their cross-platform reliability, meaning they often work against ... Security
Vboot Kit: Compromising Windows Vista Security Vipin Kumar Vboot kit is first of its kind technology to demonstrate Windows vista kernel subversion using ... Security
Make My Day &Ndash; Just Run A Web Scanner: Countering The Faults Of Typical Web Scanners Through Byte-Code Injection Dr. Brian Chess Today, other than doing a full static analysis of the code, the most common practice ... Security Web
Sctpscan - Finding Entry Points To Ss7 Networks &Amp; Telecommunication Backbones Philippe Langlois SS7 has been a walled garden for a long time: only big telco would be ... Security
Rfidiots!!! - Practical Rfid Hacking (Without Soldering Irons) Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie RFID is being embedded in everything...From Passports to Pants. Door Keys to Credit Cards. Mobile ... Security
Advanced Oracle Attack Techinques David Litchfield None Security
Challenging Malicious Inputs With Fault Tolerance Techniques Bruno Luiz We humans, being imperfect creatures, create imperfect software. This presentation is regarding implementation of software ... Security
Data Seepage: How To Give Attackers A Roadmap To Your Network Robert Graham Long gone are the days of widespread internet attacks. What's more popular now are more ... Security
Smtp Information Gathering Lluis Mora The SMTP protocol, used in the transport and delivery of e-mail messages, includes control headers ... Security
Attacking The Giants: Exploiting Sap Internals Mariano Croce SAP security is still a dark world. Very little information can be found on the ... Security
New Botnets Trends And Threats André FucsVictor Pereira The last years have seen the growth of botnets and its transformation into a highly ... Security Botnets
Kicking Down The Cross Domain Door (One Xss At A Time) Raghav Dube Cross Site Request Forgery (XSRF) has been billed as the newest weapon for cross domain ... Security Web Browser
Nacattack Michael Thumann Part I: Introduction – Marketing Buzz:The last two years have seen a big new marketing-buzz ... Security
Heap Feng Shui In Javascript Alexander Sotirov Heap exploitation is getting harder. The heap protection features in the latest versions of Windows ... Security Exploitation
Gs And Aslr In Windows Vista Ollie Whitehouse The following presentation is two parts, the first covers aspects of Microsoft's GS implementation and ... Security
Scarabmon: Automating Web Application Penetration Tests Jonathan Wilkins ScarabMon is a new tool and framework for simplifying web application pentests. It makes the ... Security Web
360° Anomaly Based Unsupervised Intrusion Detection Stefano Zanero In this talk, after briefly reviewing why we should build a goodanomaly-based intrusion detection system, ... Security