Bsidestampa 2017 Feb. 11, 2017 to Feb. 11, 2017, tampa,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Talk: Cyber Security in the Age of Espionage Eric O'neill N/A
Honeypots and Live Threat Intelligence Kat Fitzgerald N/A
Exploiting Data and Rethinking Privacy Cameron Boozarjomehri N/A
Build Your Own Physical Pentesting Go-Bag Beau Bullock , Derek Banks N/A
Redefining Security in a Cloud-Centric Future Mike Spaulding , Mitch Spaulding N/A
Incident Response - No Pain No Gain Jim Wojno N/A
Lessons from the Field: Governance, Compliance & Security in SharePoint Online Ben Curry N/A
Pow Pow Pow Powershell! Octavio Paguaga N/A
NFC Your Smartphone's Best Friend or Worst Nightmare Shane Hartman N/A
Securing The Electrical Grid From Modern Threats Christopher Williams N/A
Build the Capability to Detect, Triage, And Respond Scott Sattler N/A
Propel Your Security Career by Writing Your Own Story Christa Pusateri N/A
Managing Your MSSP Mark Myers , Damien Adams N/A
Advanced Targeted Attack Andy Thompson N/A
e-Extortion Trends and Defense Erik Iker N/A
Securing Agile Development Alan Zukowski N/A
What the Hell is ICS Security? Brandon Workentin N/A
HIPAA for Infosec Professionals Michael Brown N/A
Phishing Pholks Phor Phun and Prophit Erich Kron N/A
Protecting Third-Party Risk From Plundering Stacey Banks N/A
Chaining the Future: Blockchains and Security Joe Blankenship N/A
ArchStrike Linux Chad Seaman N/A
Alert All the Things! (Network Baselines/Alerts with Bro Scripts) Matthew Domko N/A
Deconstructing 100% JavaScript-based Ransomware Paolo Soto , Jeremy Rasmussen N/A
Interactive Incident Response Jonathan Echavarria , Joe Partlow N/A
Protecting Visual Assets: Digital Image Counter-Surveillance Strategies Nikita Mazurov , Kenneth Brown N/A
Office 365 Security Center Planning Considerations Michael Hinckley N/A
Hacking The Sabbath Jonathan Singer N/A
Intro to Fuzzing for Fun and Profit Brian Beaudry N/A
What I've Learned Writing CTF Challenges Vito Genovese N/A