Blackhat Europe 2006 March 2, 2006 to March 3, 2006, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Stuck In The Middle Eric Litt Prudence requires that we act “reasonably” in making the decision whether or not to disclose ... Security
Silver Needle In The Skype Fabrice Desclaux Skype is a free (as in beer) voice over IP application. Many other VOIP applications ... Security
Ibm Iseries For Penetration Testers: Bypass Restrictions And Take Over Server Shalom Carmel iSeries aka AS400 servers are used by manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, casinos and governments. Odds ... Security Access
Wlsi - Windows Local Shellcode Injection Cesar Cerrudo This talk is about a new technique to create 100% reliable local exploits for Windows ... Security Exploitation
How To Automatically Sandbox Iis With Zero False Positive And Negative Tzi-cker Chiueh Comparing the system call sequence of a network application against a sandboxing policy is a ... Security Infrastructure Monitoring Analysis Business
Malware Cinema: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Packets Gregory Conti Security analysts and network administrators are faced with tremendous amounts of security related data. Unfortunately ... Security Malware
Separated By A Common Goal&Mdash;Emerging Eu And Us Information Security And Privacy Law:&Nbsp;Allies Or Adversaries? Amanda Hubbard This presentation is by two co-authors of the legal and ethics chapter of the recent ... Security Privacy
Project Paraegis Round 2: Using Razorwire Http Proxy To Strengthen Webapp Session Handling And Reduce Attack Surface Mark Belles Web applications are constantly under attack, and many today are still unable to defend themselves. Security
Analysing Complex Systems: The Blackberry Case Felix ( FX ) Lindner When trying to analyze a complex system for its security properties, very little information is ... Security
Attacks On Uninitialized Local Variables Thomas ( Halvar Flake ) Dullien Buffer overflows have been abused in order to compromise software systems for the better part ... Security
Implementing And Detecting An Acpi Bios Rootkit John Heasman As rootkit detection tools become more sophisticated, the rootkit writer must strive to leave less ... Security Development
Exploiting Embedded Systems Barnaby Jack From Automobiles and cell phones, to routers and your kitchen microwave—Embedded systems are everywhere. And ... Security
Hacking Fingerprint Scanners - Why Microsoft'S Fingerprint Reader Is Not A Security Feature Mikko Kiviharhju In this paper we describe the findings from the tests performed with Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. ... Security Testing
Bluetooth Hacking - The State Of The Art Martin Herfurt This talk will provide an overview of all currently known Bluetooth exploits, as well as ... Security
Death Of A Thousand Cuts- Finding Evidence Everywhere! Johnny Long In this day and age, forensics evidence lurks everywhere. This talk takes attendees on a ... Security Forensics
Hacking, Hollywood Style Johnny Long If you know good tech, you can smell bad tech from a mile away. Bad ... Security
Skeletons In Microsoft'S Closet - Silently Fixed Vulnerabilities Steve ManzuikAndre Protas For years vendors have been criticized over the practice of silently fixing security flaws and ... Security
Combatting Symbian Malware Jarno Niemelä Viruses worms and trojans that operate on Symbian devices are becoming from a technical curioisity ... Security Malware
Stopping Automated Application Attack Tools Gunter Ollmann Relying on client-side scripting as a positive security mechanism has been generally regarded as not ... Security
Mpls And Vpls Security Enno Rey In the last years Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) has become the most important backbone ... Security
Rootkits Vs. Stealth By Design Malware Joanna Rutkowska Recently we can observe increased interest in rootkit technology all over the world. Eventually many ... Security Malware
Raide: Rootkit Analysis Identification Elimination Jamie Butler In the past couple years there have been major advances in the field of rootkit ... Security Analysis
Beyond Eip Spoonmskape When we built Metasploit, our focus was on the exploit development process. We tried to ... Security Development
The Science Of Code Auditing Neel Mehta There has been great discussion about what vulnerabilities are, and how to exploit them. What ... Security Auditing
Anomaly Detection Through System Call Argument Analysis Stefano Zanero Traditionally, host based anomaly detection has dealt with system calls sequences, but not with system ... Security Analysis