sgcrc 2017 Feb. 21, 2017 to Feb. 22, 2017, singapore,singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Ceremony Gabriel Lim , Tan Eng Chye N/A
Designing Security-Aware Architectures and Systems Ruby b. Lee , Abhik Roychoudhury N/A
Project 1: Trustworthy Systems from Untrusted Components Prateek Saxena , Dong Jin Song , Abhik Roychoudhury , Liang Zhenkai , Chang Ee-chien , Roland H.c. Yap N/A
Project 2: Securify: A Compositional Approach of Building Security Verified System Yang Liu , Sun Jun , Liu Yang , Thambipillai Srikanthan , Alwen Tiu , Chin Wei Ngan , Jin Song Dong N/A
Project 3: Secure Mobile Centre: Technologies and Solutions for Securing Mobile Computing Robert h. Deng , Pang Hwee Hua , Ding Xuhua , Gao Debin , Li Yingjiu N/A
Corporate Lab 1: National University of Singapore - SingTel Cyber Security Research and Development Lab Ho Pun N/A
Corporate Lab 2: ST Electronics - Singapore University of Technology and Design Cyber Security Lab Yuval Elovici N/A
Session 1 Robert h. Deng N/A
Chat-App Decryption Key Extraction through Information Flow Analysis Vrizlynn Thing , Zhongmin Dai , Sufatrio , Tong-wei Chua , Dinesh Kumar Balakrishnan N/A
VeriFormal: An Executable Formal Model of a Hardware Description Language Alwen Tiu , Wilayat Khan , David Sanan N/A
Cyber Risk Analysis for a Smart Grid: How Smart is Smart Enough? A multi-armed bandit approach Matthew Smith , Elisabeth Pate-cornell N/A
A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Anomalous Online Forum Incident Classification Vrizlynn Thing , Victor Pomponiu N/A
Verification of Security Protocols and the Secrecy Problem Luke Ong , Abhik Roychoudhury N/A
Let's Stick Together: Digitally Ensuring Physical Proximity Sjouke Mauw , Liu Yang N/A
Project 4: Project SUTD-ASPIRE: Design of Secure Cyber Physical Systems Nils ole Tippenhauer , David Yau , Aditya Mathur , Costas Courcoubetis , Roland Bouffanais , Lingjie Duan , Stefano Galeli , Sun Jun , Justin Ruths N/A
Project 5: Cyber Forensics and Intelligence Vrizlynn Thing , Dinil Mon Divakaran , Lim Wee Yong N/A
Project 6: A Cyber-physical Approach to Securing Urban Transportation System David M. Nicol , David Yau , Yih-chun Hu , Zhou Jianying , Huaqun Guo , Douglas L. Jones , Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk , William H. Sander N/A
Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium Showcase - Lightning Talks Vivy Suhendra N/A
Burning Issues in Cyber Security (& Likely Solutions) David Shu N/A
Research & Development in FinTech Lim Siew Hoon N/A
Next-Generation Cyber Security Solutions Ngair Teow Hin N/A
A Secure, Privacy-Preserving Data Exchange/Computation Platform for the Smart Nation Eugene Aseev N/A
Securing CPS David Ong N/A
High Resilience by Improving Test Maintenance Steve Neo N/A
Security at DevOps Speed Stefan Streichsbier N/A
Mind the Gap: Security Analysis of Metro Platform Screen Door System Luying Zhou , Dong Li , Junwen Wong , Huaqun Guo , Jianying Zhou N/A
Attribute-Based Secure Messaging in the Public Cloud Robert h. Deng , Hui Cui , Zhi Yuan Poh N/A
Faster ECC over F2571 (feat. PMULL) Hwajung Seo N/A
Scholarly Digital Libraries as a Platform for Malware Distribution Yuval Elovici , Lior Rokach , Andrea Lanzi , Nir Nissim , Aviad Cohen , Jian Wu , Lee Giles N/A
Low-Dimensional Bigram Analysis for Mobile Data Fragment Classification Ying Zhang , Vrizlynn Thing , Chien Eao Lee , Lilei Zheng N/A
Hardware Obfuscation using Different Obfuscation Cell Structures for PLDs Sumathi G , Srivani L , Thirugnana Murthy D , Madhusoodanan K N/A