Blackhat Europe 2005 March 31, 2005 to April 1, 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Simon Davies None Security Keynote
Yersinia, A Framework For Layer 2 Attacks Alfredo Andres Omella Yersinia is a framework for performing layer 2 attacks. The following protocols have been implemented ... Security
Hacking Pgp Jon Callas PGP is the most secure, most widely used cryptosystem there is. But for every move ... Security
Hacking Windows Internals Cesar Cerrudo This presentation will show some internal Windows mechanims that still have flaws and that could ... Security
Symbian Security Job de Haas The presentation will cover a basic intro into Symbian from a security perspective. It will ... Security Analysis
A New Password Capture On Cisco System Devices Stephen Dugan , 101labs This talk will show a new way to get a password from a Cisco administrator. ... Security
Building Zero-Day Self-Defending Web Applications: Enforcing Authoritative Action To Stop Session Attacks Arian J. Evans Web applications today suffer from state issues, weak session handling, and lack of stateful authorization. ... Security Web
Network Flows And Security Nicolas Fischbach Network flows have been ignored for a long time. During the last couple of years ... Security Forensics
Compare, Port, Navigate Rolf Rolles None Security
Hacking In A Foreign Language: A Network Security Guide To Russia Kenneth Geers Has your network ever been hacked, and all you have to show for your investigative ... Security
Can You Really Trust Hardware? Exploring Security Problems In Hardware Devices Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand Most users treat a hardware solution as an inherently trusted black box. "If it's hardware, ... Security Access
The Art Of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis The Grugq None Security Analysis
Attacking Distributed Systems: The Dns Case Study Dan Kaminsky In "Black Ops of DNS", I examined how aspects of the domain name infrastructure could ... Security DNS
Mac Os X Kernel Insecurity Ilja van Sprundel Kernel vulnerabilities are the new hot thing in the exploiting world. Removing all but the ... Security
Database Rootkits Alexander Kornbrust The talk describes how to transfer the concept of (OS) rootkits to the database world. ... Security Rootkits
Bluetooth Hacking - Full Disclosure Marcel Holtmann In November 2003, Adam discovered serious flaws in the authentication and data transfer mechanisms on ... Security Community
Sql Injection &Amp; Data Mining Through Inference David Litchfield , Founder , Next Software None Security SQL
Google Hacking For Penetration Testers Johnny Long Since Blackhat Vegas 2004, there's been little doubt that "Google Hacking" is for real, and ... Security Community
Injecting Trojans Via Patch Management Software &Amp; Other Evil Deeds Steve ( Hellnbak ) Manzuik , Chris Farrow Patch management is an essential part of the systems security management lifecycle, which has led ... Security
Wlan And Stealth Issues Laurent Oudot When we think about wireless security, the very first step of an aggressor is to ... Security Wireless
Revolutions In Web Server/Application Assessments Haroon Meer Over the last few years the thinking on web server and web applications assessment tools ... Security Web
Defeating Automated Web Assessment Tools Saumil Udayan Shah , Director of Development , Net-square Solutions Saumil Udayan Shah, Founder and CEO, Net-Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Security Web
Architectural Challenges In A Jericho World Paul Simmonds This presentation shares some of the thinking that is going on within the Jericho Forum ... Security
Owning Anti-Virus: Weaknesses In A Critical Security Component Neel Mehta The hype to stop hackers is making AV software more popular now than ever because ... Security Auditing
Automatically Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities By Variable Flow Reconstruction Stefano Zanero Web application vulnerabilities have become a prominent security threat. Code auditing has proven to be ... Security Web