CanSecWest 2017 March 15, 2017 to March 17, 2017, vancouver,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Openning Remarks Dragos Ruiu N/A
Cyberwar and other modern myths Michael A. Vanputte N/A
Introduction - Invite only bug bounty program Bruce Monroe N/A
Introduction - New bug bounty program Akila Srinivasan N/A
Fuzzflow Framework and Windows Guided Fuzzing Richard Johnson N/A
Secure boot: they're doing it wrong. Scott Kelly N/A
Port(al) to the iOS core - Introduction to previous private iOS Kernel Exploitation Techniques Stefan Esser N/A
Inside Stegosploit Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
Hijacking .NET to Defend PowerShell Amanda Rousseau N/A
Inspecting and injecting. IronPython and .NET DLR memory reflection blazing through hundreds of GB in no time. Shane "k2" Macaulay N/A
Pwning Nexus of Every Pixel: Chain of Bugs demystified Qidan He N/A
Low cost radio wave attacks on modern platforms Mickey Shakatov , Maggie Jaurequi N/A
Privilege escalation on high-end servers due to implementation gaps in CPU Hot-Add flow Jan Seidl , Cuauhtemoc Chavez Corona , Rene Henriquez , Laura Fuentes Castaneda , Jorge Gonzalez Diaz N/A
Attacking DSMx Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping RC Drone Protcol Jonathan Andersson N/A
Touch-and-Go Elections - How convenience has taken over security, again. Harri Hursti N/A
Exploring Your System Deeper is Not Naughty Yuriy Bulygin , Andrew Furtak , Oleksandr Bazhaniuk , John Loucaides , Mikhail Gorobets N/A
Cyber WMD: Vulnerable IoT Yuhao Song , Huiming Liu N/A
Automotive Intrusion Detection Jun Li , Qing Yang N/A
A platform base on visualization for protecting CAN bus security Jianhao Liu , Minrui Yan N/A
State of Windows Application Security: Shared Libraries Chuanda Ding N/A
Microsoft's strategy and technology improvements for mitigating native remote code execution Matt Miller , David Weston N/A
Lots of Squats: APTs Never Miss Leg Day Kyle Ehmke N/A
Logic Bug Hunting in Chrome on Android Robert Miller , Georgi Geshev N/A
What if encrypted communications are not as secure as we think? Enrico Branca N/A
How to find the vulnerability to bypass the Control Flow Guard Henry Li N/A
The Dark Composition (DComposition) of Win32k - Attacking the Shadow Part of Graphic Subsystem to Gain System Priviledge - Peng Qiu , Shefang Zhong N/A
Escape from VMware Workstation by using "Hearthstone" - Qinghao Tang , Xinlei Ying N/A