FSE 2017 March 5, 2017 to March 8, 2017, tokyo,japan

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cryptanalysis of Haraka Jeremy Jean N/A
New techniques for trail bounds and application to differential trails in Keccak Joan Daemen , Gilles Van Assche , Silvia Mella N/A
SymSum: Symmetric-Sum Distinguishers Against Round Reduced SHA3 Sukhendu Kuila , Dhiman Saha , Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury N/A
Innovations in permutation-based encryption and/or authentication Imagine there's no block ciphers, it's easy if you try:-) Joan Daemen N/A
Lightweight Diffusion Layer: Importance of Toeplitz Matrices Sumanta Sarkar , Habeeb Syed N/A
Direct construction of quasi-involutory recursive-like MDS matrices from 2-cyclic codes Victor Cauchois , Pierre Loidreau , Nabil Merkiche N/A
Design of Lightweight Linear Diffusion Layers from Near-MDS Matrices Chaoyun Li , Qingju Wang N/A
Exponential S-Boxes: a Link Between the S-Boxes of BelT and Kuznyechik/Streebog Leo Paul Perrin , Aleksei Udovenko N/A
A Note on 5-bit Quadratic Permutations' Classification (short talk: 10 minutes) Begül Bilgin , Dusan Bozilov , Haci Ali Sahin N/A
Analysis of Software Countermeasures for Whitebox Encryption Andrey Bogdanov , Takanori Isobe , Subhadeep Banik , Martin Bjerregaard Jepsen N/A
Multiset-Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Reduced Kuznyechik, Khazad, and secret SPNs Alex Biryukov , Dmitry Khovratovich , Leo Paul Perrin N/A
Practical Key-Recovery Attack on MANTIS5 Florian Mendel , Maria Eichlseder , Christoph Dobraunig , Daniel Kales N/A
Chosen-Key Distinguishers on 12-Round Feistel-SP and 11-Round Collision Attacks on Its Hashing Modes Xiaoyun Wang , Xiaoyang Dong N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Classes of Contracting and Expanding Feistel Constructions Yu Sasaki , Jian Guo , Jeremy Jean , Ivica Nikolić N/A
Subspace Trail Cryptanalysis and its Applications to AES Christian Rechberger , Sondre Rønjom , Lorenzo Grassi N/A
Haraka v2 Efficient Short-Input Hashing for Post-Quantum Applications Florian Mendel , Christian Rechberger , Martin M. Lauridsen , Stefan Kölbl N/A
The Qarma Block Cipher Family Roberto Avanzi N/A
LIZARD - A Lightweight Stream Cipher for Power-constrained Devices Willi Meier , Matthias Hamann , Matthias Krause N/A
On Ciphers that Continuously Access the Non-Volatile Key Vasily Mikhalev , Frederik Armknecht , Christian Müller N/A
Design, Analysis and Promotion of (Lightweight) Block Ciphers Shiho Moriai N/A
Cryptanalysis of NORX v2.0 Henri Gilbert , Thomas Fuhr , Jeremy Jean , Jean-rené Reinhard , Colin Chaigneau N/A
Is AEZ v4.1 Sufficiently Resilient Against Key-Recovery Attacks? Henri Gilbert , Colin Chaigneau N/A
Conditional Cube Attack on Round-Reduced ASCON Xiaoyun Wang , Xiaoyang Dong , Zheng Li N/A
Cube-like Attack on Round-Reduced Initialization of Ketje Sr Xiaoyun Wang , Xiaoyang Dong , Zheng Li , Ling Qin N/A
Security Analysis of BLAKE2’s Modes of Operation Bart Mennink , Atul Luykx , Samuel Neves N/A
The Exact Security of PMAC Krzysztof Pietrzak , Peter Gazi , Michal Rybár N/A
On the Exact Security of Message Authentication using Pseudorandom Functions Avradip Mandal , Mridul Nandi , Ashwin Jha N/A
A Fast Single-Key Two-Level Universal Hash Function Debrup Chakraborty , Palash Sarkar , Sebati Ghosh N/A
Stronger Security Variants of GCM-SIV Tetsu Iwata , Kazuhiko Minematsu N/A
ISAP -- Towards Side-Channel Secure Authenticated Encryption Florian Mendel , Maria Eichlseder , Thomas Unterluggauer , Christoph Dobraunig , Stefan Mangard N/A
Linking Online Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption and Blockwise Attack Models Damian Vizár , Guillaume Endignoux N/A
OleF: an Inverse-Free Online Cipher. An Online SPRP with an Optimal Inverse-Free Construction Mridul Nandi , Ritam Bhaumik N/A
Linear Cryptanalysis: Key Schedules and Tweakable Block Ciphers Gregor Leander , Thorsten Kranz , Friedrich Wiemer N/A
Improved Parameter Estimates for Correlation and Capacity Deviates in Linear Cryptanalysis Kaisa Nyberg , Céline Blondeau N/A
Quantum Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis Gaetan Leurent , María Naya-plasencia , Marc Kaplan , Anthony Leverrier N/A
The Approximate k-List Problem Alexander May , Leif Both N/A
Security Notions for Bidirectional Channels Bertram Poettering , Giorgia Azzurra Marson N/A
Security of Symmetric Primitives under Incorrect Usage of Keys Pooya Farshim , Claudio Orlandi , Razvan Rosie N/A
SoK: Security Models for Pseudo-Random Number Generators Sylvain Ruhault N/A
Significantly Improved Multi-bit Differentials for Reduced Round Salsa and ChaCha Subhamoy Maitra , Arka Rai Choudhuri N/A
Rotational Cryptanalysis in the Presence of Constants Tomer Ashur , Yunwen Liu N/A
Optimal Differential Trails in SIMON-like Ciphers Mingsheng Wang , Yongqiang Li , Zhengbin Liu N/A
Invariant Subspace Attack Against Midori64 and The Resistance Criteria for S-box Designs Yu Sasaki , Jian Guo , Jeremy Jean , Kexin Qiao , Ivica Nikolić , Siang Meng Sim N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks on Reduced-Round Midori64 Wenling Wu , Li Lin N/A
Multi-key Analysis of Tweakable Even-Mansour with Applications to Minalpher and OPP Wenling Wu , Liting Zhang , Zhiyuan Guo , Renzhang Liu N/A
Analysis of AES, SKINNY, and Others with Constraint Programming Pascal Lafourcade , Lei Hu , Yosuke Todo , Siwei Sun , Kexin Qiao , David Gerault , Qianqian Yang N/A