InsiderThreat 2017 March 29, 2017 to March 30, 2017, monterey,california

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
welcoming Remarks Michael Sorrento N/A
Fighting The Insider Threat: Plugging The Leak In The Digital Fence Paul A. Vixie N/A
Data Breaches Happen. Be Defined by How You Recover. Antonio "Tony" Rucci N/A
Insider Threat: The Human Inside the Machine. Dan Dzenitis N/A
Financial Drivers for Insider Threat Jeffrey Huth N/A
Inside the Cuckoo's Egg Ryan Meeks N/A
Modeling Resilience Wayne Lloyd N/A
Using Data to Thwart the Insider Threat Jason Rowe N/A
Open-Panel Discussion Ellick Chan , Michael Lipinski , Gregg Seitz , Michael Reith N/A
Cyber Situational Awareness Bob Palmer , Timothy Evans N/A
Opening Remarks Timothy Evans N/A
Using Theories of Attribution and Process Loss to Predict Conditions for Better Insider Threat Analysis Ryan Kelly N/A
Find the Lipsyncer in a Choir of Hundreds: Identify the Insider Threat Neil Carmichael N/A
Insider Threat Specialist: The New Breed of Analyst Michael Caimona N/A
Privileged Users, Friends or Foe: A Security & Operations Perspective Bill Johnson N/A
The Enemy Within: Detecting and Mitigating Insider Threats Brian Vecci N/A
Identity Proofing and Multi-factor Authentication to Combat Insider Threats. Patrick Clancey N/A
Insiders and Immune Systems- When Rules and Signatures Don’t Work. Andrew Tsonchev N/A
The Visible Attack Surface – What it is and Why it Matters Kevin Flynn N/A