Blackhat Europe 2004 May 19, 2004 to May 20, 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
De-Perimeterisation - Border Security Is Obsolete - The Security Challenge For This Decade Paul Simmonds The days of the corporate network, completely isolated with a well secured outer shell are ... Security
Dkom (Direct Kernel Object Manipulation) Jamie Butler This talk will address insecurities in the current implementation of today's operating systems. Because of ... Security Rootkits Access
Security Patches Management On A Windows Infrastructure Eric Larcher Patch management is an absolute necessity nowadays: a few years ago, CSA had only to ... Security
Reverse Engineering Arm Based Devices Job de Haas As embedded devices become more and more critical, also the reversing engineering of these devices ... Security
Smartphone Security Issues Maliha Rashid Mobile phones are becoming more and more like computers today, resulting in smartphones that combine ... Security
Old Win32 Code For A Modern, Super-Stealth Trojan Eric DetoisienEyal Dotan In this presentation, we'll show a combination of known Win32 programming techniques often used in ... Security
What To Do With Your Router Once You Get It Stephen Dugan , Ccsi None Security
Security Within A Development Lifecycle Eli O Security is a process, not a product. This talk discusses how to improve your product ... Security Development
Hide 'N' Seek? - Anatomy Of Stealth Malware Gergely Erdelyi As much as stealth malware seemed to fade away with the DOS era it might ... Security Malware
Practical Win32 And Unicode Exploitation Felix ( FX ) Lindner , Phenoelit This talk will cover: Security Exploitation
Building An Early Warning System In A Service Provider Network Nicolas Fischbach Service Provider networks and systems are, by definition, a forced point of transit for most ... Security
Introduction To Embedded Security Grand Idea Studio The design of secure hardware is often overlooked in the product development lifecycle, leaving many ... Security Development
Introduction To Mobile Device Insecurity Grand Idea Studio Mobile devices, particularly PDAs, have numerous security weaknesses and are wide open to attack due ... Security
The Art Of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis On Unix File Systems The Grugq The rise in prominence of incident response and digital forensic analysis has prompted a reaction ... Security Analysis Unix
Pseudorandom Number Generation, Entropy Harvesting, And Provable Security In Linux Seth Hardy Many efficient methods of generating "good'' random numbers exist in the literature of mathematics and ... Security
Privacy Rights Management Using Drm: Is This A Good Idea? Larry Korba While there are growing concerns about how to manage citizen privacy, currently there are no ... Security Privacy
Oracle Pl/Sql Injection David Litchfield , Founder , Next Software None Security
When The Tables Turn Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Haroon Meer Until now network security defences have largely been about building walls and fences around the ... Security
Http Fingerprinting And Advanced Assessment Techniques Saumil Udayan Shah , Director of Development , Net-square Solutions This talk discusses some advanced techniques in automated HTTP server assessment which overcome efficiency problems ... Security Web
Dynamic Detection And Prevention Of Race Conditions In File Accesses Eugene TsyrklevichVlad Tsyrklevich Race conditions in filesystem accesses occur when sequences of filesystem operations are not carried out ... Security Access
Windows Wavesec Deployment Paul Wouters None Security
Detecting Ø-Days Attacks With Learning Intrusion Detection Systems Stefano Zanero Traditional anomaly-based intrusion detection systems, relying pattern matching and static signatures, are not really able ... Security