Confidence 2017 May 18, 2017 to May 19, 2017, krakow,poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Stories from the SOC - vol. 2017 Gaweł Mikołajczyk N/A
Historia trzech kamer - historia 3 adminów Michał Sajdak N/A
Keeping Foxes secure, warm and fuzzy. Threat Management in Mozilla. Michał Purzyński N/A
Deploying Secure NFS in a Large Enterprise Moritz Willers N/A
Post-its, post-its, post-its everywhere (and how they relate to physical keys) Jos Weyers N/A
Hacking embedded with OpenWrt Vladimir Mitiouchev N/A
Hiding in Plain Sight Adam Burt N/A
Windows privilege escalation using 3rd party services Kacper Szurek N/A
Cryptography used for jihadism, from Internet to software Julie Gommes N/A
Hacking Card Emulation - how to clone any Android HCE contactless card Sławomir Jasek N/A
When the digital hair stands up in your neck Aluc N/A
Amateur Persistent Threat Adam Haertle N/A
Splunk – SIEM czy BI do logów? Jakub Goral N/A
Wicked malware persistence methods Hasherezade N/A
Hacker Inside Dude - all-in-one HID related platform Paweł Maziarz , Karol Celiński N/A
Where should I host my malware? Atilla Marosi N/A
Beyond Mirai: The new age of MDDoS attacks Koby Kilimnik N/A
Red teaming in Poland - test cases Borys Łącki N/A
Hackers vs SOC - 12 hours to break in, 250 days to detect Gabriel Wierzbieniec N/A
Escaping the (sand)box: The promises and pitfalls of modern computational load isolation techniques for Linux OS. Robert Swiecki N/A
How governments push forward the security of cryptomarkets Pavol Luptak N/A