EuroCrypt 2017 May 1, 2017 to May 4, 2017, paris,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Revisiting Lattice Attacks on overstretched NTRU parameters Pierre-alain Fouque , Paul Kirchner N/A
Robust transforming combiners from indistinguishability obfuscation to functional encryption Amit Sahai , Prabhanjan Ananth , Aayush Jain N/A
Short generators without quantum computers: the case of multiquadratics Daniel J. Bernstein , Tanja Lange , Jens Bauch , Henry De Valence , Christine Van Vredendaal N/A
From Minicrypt to Obfustopia via Private-Key Functional Encryption Gil Segev , Ilan Komargodski N/A
Computing generator in cyclotomic integer rings Pierre-alain Fouque , Paul Kirchner , Jean-françois Biasse , Thomas Espitau , Alexandre Gélin N/A
Projective Arithmetic Functional Encryption and Indistinguishability Obfuscation From Degree-5 Multilinear Maps Amit Sahai , Prabhanjan Ananth N/A
Computation of a 768-bit prime field discrete logarithm Christine Priplata , Colin Stahlke , Thorsten Kleinjung , Arjen K. Lenstra , Claus Diem N/A
Improved Private Set Intersection against Malicious Adversaries Mike Rosulek , Peter Rindal N/A
A kilobit hidden SNFS discrete logarithm computation Nadia Heninger , Pierrick Gaudry , Emmanuel Thomé , Joshua Fried N/A
Formal Abstractions for Attested Execution Secure Processors Elaine Shi , Rafael Pass , Florian Tramèr N/A
Advances in computer-aided cryptography Gilles Barthe N/A
One-Shot Verifiable Encryption from Lattices Gregory Neven , Vadim Lyubashevsky N/A
Concurrently composable security with shielded super-polynomial simulators Jörn Müller-quade , Brandon Broadnax , Nico Döttling , Gunnar Hartung , Matthias Nagel N/A
Short Stickelberger Class Relations and application to Ideal-SVP Leo Ducas , Ronald Cramer , Benjamin Wesolowski N/A
Unconditional UC-Secure Computation with (Stronger-Malicious) PUFs Rafail Ostrovsky , Ivan Visconti , Dakshita Khurana , Saikrishna Badrinarayanan N/A
Private Puncturable PRFs From Standard Lattice Assumptions Dan Boneh , Hart Montgomery , Sam Kim N/A
Amortized Complexity of Zero-Knowledge Proofs Revisited: Achieving Linear Soundness Slack Chaoping Xing , Ivan Damgård , Ronald Cramer , Chen Yuan N/A
Constraint-hiding constrained PRFs for NC1 from LWE Ran Canetti , Yilei Chen N/A
Sublinear Zero-Knowledge Arguments for RAM Programs Payman Mohassel , Alessandra Scafuro , Mike Rosulek N/A
Parallel Implementations of Masking Schemes and the Bounded Moment Leakage Model Pierre-yves Strub , Gilles Barthe , Sebastian Faust , Francois-xavier Standaert , François Dupressoir , Benjamin Grégoire N/A
Multi-Input Inner-Product Functional Encryption from Pairings Mariana Raykova , Michel Abdalla , Hoeteck Wee , Romain Gay N/A
How Fast Can Higher-Order Masking Be in Software? Matthieu Rivain , Dahmun Goudarzi N/A
Simplifying Design and Analysis of Complex Predicate Encryption Schemes Shashank Agrawal , Melissa Chase N/A
On Removing Graded Encodings from Functional Encryption Huijia Lin , Omer Paneth , Nir Bitansky N/A
Efficient compression of SIDH public keys Patrick Longa , Michael Naehrig , Craig Costello , David Jao , Joost Renes , David Urbanik N/A
Functional Encryption: Deterministic to Randomized Functions from Simple Assumptions Shashank Agrawal , David J. Wu N/A
Random Sampling Revisited: Lattice Enumeration with Discrete Pruning Phong q. Nguyen , Yoshinori Aono N/A
Group-Based Secure Computation: Optimizing Rounds, Communication, and Computation Niv Gilboa , Yuval Ishai , Elette Boyle N/A
On dual lattice attacks against small-secret LWE and parameter choices in HElib and SEAL Martin R. Albrecht N/A
On the Exact Round Complexity of Self-Composable Two-Party Computation Sanjam Garg , Omkant Pandey , Susumu Kiyoshima N/A
Small CRT-Exponent RSA Revisited Yao Lu , Atsushi Takayasu , Liquiang Peng N/A
High-Throughput Secure Three-Party Computation for Malicious Adversaries and an Honest Majority Yehuda Lindell , Jun Furukawa , Ariel Nof , Or Weinstein N/A
Conditional Cube Attack on Reduced-Round Keccak Sponge Function Meiqin Wang , Jingyuan Zhao , Xiaoyun Wang , Senyang Huang , Guangwu Xu N/A
Removing the Strong RSA Assumption from Arguments over the Integers David Pointcheval , Thomas Peters , Geoffroy Couteau N/A
New Collision Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak Meicheng Liu , Jian Guo , Ling Song , Kexin Qiao N/A
Magic Adversaries Versus Individual Reduction: Science Wins Either Way Yi Deng N/A
Living Between the Ideal and Real Worlds Nigel Smart N/A
The Multi-User Security of Double Encryption Viet tung Hoang , Stefano Tessaro N/A
Cryptography with Updates Abhishek Jain , Prabhanjan Ananth , Aloni Cohen N/A
Public-Seed Pseudorandom Permutations Stefano Tessaro , Pratik Soni N/A
Fixing Cracks in the Concrete: Random Oracles with Auxiliary Input, Revisited Jonathan Katz , Yevgeniy Dodis , Siyao Guo N/A
Decentralized Anonymous Micropayments Alessandro Chiesa , Matthew Green , Ian Miers , Pratyush Mishra , Jingcheng Liu , Peihan Miao N/A
Toward Fine-Grained Blackbox Separations Between Semantic and Circular-Security Notions Mohammad Hajiabadi , Bruce M. Kapron N/A
Analysis of the Blockchain Protocol in Asynchronous Networks Rafael Pass , Abhi Shelat , Lior Seeman N/A
A Note on Perfect Correctness by Derandomization Vinod Vaikuntanathan , Nir Bitansky N/A
Modifying an Enciphering Scheme after Deployment Thomas Ristenpart , Paul Grubbs , Yuval Yarom N/A
Depth-Robust Graphs and Their Cumulative Memory Complexity Krzysztof Pietrzak , Jeremiah Blocki , Joel Alwen N/A
Separating Semantic and Circular Security for Symmetric-Key Bit Encryption from the Learning with Errors Assumption Brent Waters , Venkata Koppula , Rishab Goyal N/A
Scrypt is Maximally Memory-Hard Leonid Reyzin , Krzysztof Pietrzak , Stefano Tessaro , Joel Alwen , Binyi Chen N/A
Quantum-Secure Symmetric-Key Cryptography Based on Hidden Shifts Gorjan Alagic , Alexander Russell N/A
Patchable Indistinguishability Obfuscation: iO for Evolving Software Abhishek Jain , Amit Sahai , Prabhanjan Ananth N/A
Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Worst-Case Sub-Linear Complexity Seny Kamara , Tarik Moataz N/A
Breaking the Sub-Exponential Barrier in Obfustopia Sanjam Garg , Mark Zhandry , Omkant Pandey , Akshayaram Srinivasan N/A
New Impossible Differential Search Tool from Design and Cryptanalysis Aspects Yu Sasaki , Yosuke Todo N/A
Lattice-Based SNARGs and Their Application to More Efficient Obfuscation Dan Boneh , Amit Sahai , Yuval Ishai , David J. Wu N/A
A New Structural-Differential Property of 5-Round AES Christian Rechberger , Sondre Rønjom , Lorenzo Grassi N/A
Cryptanalyses of Candidate Branching Program Obfuscators Shai Halevi , Craig Gentry , Yilei Chen N/A
Quantum Authentication and Encryption with Key Recycling Serge Fehr , Louis Salvail N/A
Faster Secure Two-Party Computation in the Single-Execution Setting Jonathan Katz , Xiao sophia Wang , Alex J. Malozemoff N/A
Quantum authentication with key recycling Christopher Portmann N/A
Non-Interactive Secure 2PC in the Offline/Online and Batch Settings Payman Mohassel , Mike Rosulek N/A
Relativistic (or 2-prover 1-round) zero-knowledge protocol for NP secure against quantum adversaries Anthony Leverrier , André Chailloux N/A
Hashing Garbled Circuits for Free Vladimir Kolesnikov , Chaya Ganesh , Xiong Fan N/A
Adaptive partitioning Dennis Hofheinz N/A
Computational integrity with a public random string from quasi-linear PCPs Alessandro Chiesa , Daniel Genkin , Eran Tromer , Eli Ben-sasson , Madars Virza , Ariel Gabizon , Mark Silberstein , Iddo Ben-tov , Matan Hamilis , Evgenya Pergament , Michael Riabzev N/A
0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy Tibor Jager , Felix Günther , Britta Hale , Sebastian Lauer N/A
Ad Hoc PSM Protocols: Secure Computation without Coordination Yuval Ishai , Amos Beimel , Eyal Kushilevitz N/A