EuroSP 2017 April 26, 2017 to April 28, 2017, paris,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
WALNUT: Waging Doubt on the Integrity of MEMS Accelerometers with Acoustic Injection Attacks Kevin Fu , Peter Honeyman , Wenyuan Xu , Ofir Weisse , Timothy Trippel N/A
Sealed-Glass Proofs: Using Transparent Enclaves to Prove and Sell Knowledge Ari Juels , Elaine Shi , Jean-pierre Hubaux , Fan Zhang , Florian Tramèr , Huang Lin N/A
Privacy Threats through Ultrasonic Side Channels on Mobile Devices Konrad Rieck , Daniel Arp , Erwin Quiring , Christian Wressnegger N/A
Content delivery over TLS: a cryptographic analysis of Keyless SSL Pierre-alain Fouque , Cristina Onete , Karthikeyan Bhargavan , Benjamin Richard , Ioana Boureanu Carlson N/A
Replay Attacks on Zero Round-Trip Time: The Case of the TLS 1.3 Handshake Candidates Marc Fischlin , Felix Günther N/A
A Novel Approach for Reasoning about Liveness in Cryptographic Protocols and its Application to Fair Exchange Michael Backes , Jannik Dreier , Steve Kremer , Robert Kuennemann N/A
Refining Authenticated Key Agreement with Strong Adversaries David Basin , Christoph Sprenger , Joseph Lallemand N/A
Redactable Blockchain - or - Rewriting History in Bitcoin and Friends Giuseppe Ateniese , Daniele Venturi , Bernardo Magri , Ewerton Andrade N/A
Secure Queries on an Encrypted Multi-Writer Table Angelo Massimo Perillo , Giuseppe Persiano , Alberto Trombetta N/A
Towards Practical Attacks on Argon2i and Balloon Hashing Jeremiah Blocki , Joel Alwen N/A
An Expressive (Zero-Knowledge) Set Accumulator Jonathan Katz , Charalampos Papamanthou , Yupeng Zhang N/A
Compiler-Agnostic Function Detection in Binaries Herbert Bos , Asia Slowinska , Dennis Andriesse N/A
Open Doors for Bob and Mallory: Open Port Usage in Android Apps and Security Implications Z. Morley Mao , Qi Alfred Chen , Yunhan Jack Jia , Yikai Lin , Chao Kong N/A
LUNA: Quantifying and Leveraging Uncertainty in Android Malware Analysis through Bayesian Machine Learning Michael Backes , Mohammad Nauman N/A
9-1-1 DDoS: Attacks, Analysis and Mitigation Yuval Elovici , Mordechai Guri , Yisroel Mirsky N/A
Applied crypto: the good, the bad, and the future Dan Boneh N/A
SoK: Fraud in Telephony Networks Payas Gupta , Aurélien Francillon , Mustaque Ahamad , Merve Sahin N/A
SoK: Single Sign-On Security – An Evaluation of OpenID Connect Jörg Schwenk , Christian Mainka , Vladislav Mladenov , Tobias Wich N/A
Privacy-Preserving User Auditable Pseudonym Systems Jan Camenisch , Anja Lehmann N/A
Auditable Data Structures Michael Mitzenmacher , Roberto Tamassia , Michael Goodrich , Evgenios Kornaropoulos N/A
Efficient Accumulators with Applications to Anonymity-Preserving Revocation Anna Lysyanskaya , Kai Samelin , Foteini Baldimtsi , Jan Camenisch , Maria Dubovitskaya , Leo Reyzin , Sophia Yakoubov N/A
Block Me If You Can: A Large-Scale Study of Tracker-Blocking Tools Edgar Weippl , Nick Nikiforakis , Markus Huber , Sebastian Neuner , Georg Merzdovnik , Martin Schmiedecker , Damjan Buhov N/A
Efficient and Flexible Discovery of PHP Application Vulnerabilities Fabian "fabs" Yamaguchi , Konrad Rieck , Michael Backes , Ben Stock , Malte Skoruppa N/A
Large-scale Analysis & Detection of Authentication Cross-Site Request Forgeries Luca Compagna , Alessandro Armando , Roberto Carbone , Avinash Sudhodanan , Nicolas Dolgin , Umberto Morelli N/A
Revisiting Browser Security in the Modern Era: New Data-only Attacks and Defenses Fabian Monrose , Michalis Polychronakis , Kevin Z. Snow , Roman Rogowski , Micah Morton , Forrest Li N/A
Confidante: Usable Encrypted Email – A Case Study With Lawyers and Journalists Franziska Roesner , Adam Lerner , Eric Zeng N/A
FairTest: Discovering Unwarranted Associations in Data-Driven Applications Ari Juels , Roxana Geambasu , Jean-pierre Hubaux , Mathias Humbert , Florian Tramèr , Huang Lin , Vaggelis Atlidakis , Daniel Hsu N/A
Internet Censorship in Thailand: User practices, potential threats and necessary responses Tadayoshi Kohno , Anonymous , Genevieve Gebhart N/A
Automated Verification for Secure Messaging Protocols and their Implementations: A Symbolic and Computational Approach Karthikeyan Bhargavan , Bruno Blanchet , Nadim Kobeissi N/A
A Formal Security Analysis of the Signal Messaging Protocol Cas Cremers , Douglas Stebila , Benjamin Dowling , Katriel Cohn-gordon , Luke Garratt N/A
Designing and proving an EMV-compliant payment protocol for mobile devices Veronique Cortier , Said Gharout , Jacques Traoré , Alicia Filipiak , Jan Florent N/A
ARTist: The Android Runtime Instrumentation and Security Toolkit Michael Backes , Sven Bugiel , Philipp von Styp-rekowsky , Oliver Schranz , Sebastian Weisgerber N/A
Reasoning about Probabilistic Defense Mechanisms against Remote Attacks Vijay Ganesh , Gilles Barthe , Martin Ochoa , Sebastian Banescu , Cynthia Disenfeld N/A
CodeArmor: Virtualizing the Code Space to Counter Disclosure Attacks Herbert Bos , Cristiano Giuffrida , Xi Chen N/A
Symbolic Models for Isolated Execution Environments Steve Kremer , Charlie Jacomme , Guillaume Scerri N/A
On the Effectiveness of Virtualization Based Memory Isolation on Multicore Platforms Xuhua Ding , Siqi Zhao N/A
Outsmarting Network Security with SDN Teleportation Stefan Schmid , Liron Schiff , Kashyap Thimmaraju N/A
Reputation Metrics Design to Improve Intermediary Incentives for Security of TLDs Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob , Michel Van Eeten , Arman Noroozian , Maciej Korczynski , Maarten Wullink , Cristian Hesselman N/A