Infiltrate 2017 April 6, 2017 to April 7, 2017, miami,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Dave Aitel N/A
Keynote – Beset on all sides: A realistic take on life in the defensive trenches Justin Schuh N/A
Logic Bug Hunting in Chrome on Android Georgi Geshev , Robert Miller N/A
802.11 Protocol Chaos Andres Blanco N/A
Sierra Had a Little Lamb: A Userland Kit for MacOS Stephanie Archibald N/A
Be a Binary Rockstar: Next-level Static Analysis For Vulnerability Research Rusty Wagner , Sophia D'antoine , Peter Lafosse N/A
Forget Enumerating a Network, Hack the SIEM and Win the War John Grigg N/A
Did I hear a shell popping in your baseband? Ralf-phillip Weinmann N/A
COM in Sixty Seconds! (well minutes more likely) James Forshaw N/A
BugID - Automated Bug Analysis Berend-jan Wever N/A
Remotely Compromising a Modern iOS Device Liang Chen , Marco Grassi N/A
Cloud Post Exploitation Techniques Sacha Faust , Andrew Johnson N/A
The Shadow Over Android: Heap Exploitation Assistance for Android's libc allocator Patroklos Argyroudis , Vasilis Tsaousoglou N/A
Hunting for Vulnerabilities in Signal Jean-Philippe Aumasson , Markus Vervier N/A