Blackhat Europe 2000 Oct. 24, 2000 to Oct. 25, 2000, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Issues Surrounding International Computer Crime Laws Jennifer Granick None Security
Plenty Of Coppers In Change Stuart Hyde None Security
Icmp Usage In Scanning Ofir Arkin None Security
Finding Holes In Closed-Source Software Thomas ( Halvar Flake ) Dullien None Security
Getting Rooted And Never Knowing It Job de Haas None Security
Auditing The Security Of Applications David Litchfield None Security Auditing
Falling Domino Servers Kevin Mcpeake , Wouter Aukema None Security
Defending Your Network With Kerberos Rooster , J.d. Glaser None Security
Strategies For Defeating Distributed Attacks Simple Nomad None Security
What Is Involved In A Forensic Effort John Tan None Security