Paranoia 2017 May 10, 2017 to May 11, 2017, oslo,norway

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Watchcom Workshop -Emergency and Crisis Management Hans Peter Østrem , Fredrik Galtung N/A
About the lecture- Risk assessment after GDPR Eva Jarbekk , Anne Øverhaug N/A
Catch me if you can Christian A.h. Hansen N/A
Domain 2. Cloud Data Security from: CCSP CBK - (ISC)2 Stein Møllerhaug N/A
How to make life more difficult for h@ckers Oddvar Moe N/A
Business opportunities in digitalization and IoT Pernilla Skyborn- N/A
One domain form CISM Per Thorsheim N/A
The Human Point: Looking from Technology to People Richard Ford N/A
Key Note - Car hacking Charlie Miller N/A
Turning privacy into an opportunity - Schibsted Media Group´s efforts and approach in relation to GDPR Ingvild Næss N/A
Security vs usability in mobile devices Christoph Erdmann N/A
Key Note-The era of cognitive security Bob Kalka N/A
The race for GDPR readiness starts now Jan Bjerke N/A
Make it fixable, living with risk Patricia Aas N/A
We're going to have to science the shit out of this Ryan M. Jones N/A
Key Note - The Next Revolution Mikko Hypponen N/A
What should we be afraid of? Olav Lysne N/A
Peaking behind the commercial malware curtain Daniel Cuthbert , Vlad Ovtchinikov N/A
Key Note-Cloud security, compliance and privacy Ole Tom Seierstad N/A
Key Note -The Cold War in Cyberspace is Getting Hotter Kenneth Geers N/A
Mind the Gaps: How to avoid the pitfalls of awareness-raising training Jessica Barker N/A
Experiences with the building of Crypho, an end-to end encrypted communication app Geir Bækholt , Yiorgis Gozadinos N/A
TBA Jostein Jensen N/A
BloodHound: Teaching a New Dog Even More Tricks A.robins , R.vazarkar N/A
Er det vi eller de andre som skal ta sikkerhets(svikt) på alvor? Torgeir Waterhouse N/A