SASkaspersky 2017 April 3, 2017 to April 4, 2017, st martin,saint marten

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and introductions Eugene Kaspersky N/A
The (memory corruption) safety dance Mark Dowd N/A
Threat intelligence threatening intel operations Catherine Lotrionte N/A
When will the future of cybersecurity get here? Ron Gula N/A
From defending an organization to defending a country Buky Carmeli N/A
A link to the past: Connecting the birth of cyberespionage Thomas Rid , Juan Andrés Guerrero-saade , Daniel Moore N/A
The seven year itch Kris Mcconkey N/A
Cyber in a world of cloud John Lambert N/A
Chasing bad guys from Bangladesh to Costa Rica Vitaly Kamluk , Adrian Nish , Aleks Gostev , Sergei Shevchenko , Dries Watteyne N/A
Attacking the hospitality and gaming industries: Tracking an attacker around the world in 8 years Preston Lewis , Jacob Christie N/A
Hunting an IT-criminal gang from Romania Peter Kruse , Jan Kaastrup N/A
Live in the ATM malware trenches Sergey Golovanov , Igor Soumenkov N/A
Breaking Tizen Amihai Neiderman N/A
Elephant and monkey Peter Zinn , Erik Johansson N/A
Time to grow up: Counterproductive security behaviors that must end Chris Eng N/A
Hunting bugs for humanity David Jacoby , Frans Rosén N/A
A bad guy’s dream coming true: The hijack of an entire bank operation Fabio Assolini , Dmitry Besthuzhev N/A
Trust no one or how to survive in a world of total mistrust Andrey Nikishin N/A
Wassenaaren’t you glad I didn’t say banya? Katie Moussouris N/A
From hot tubs to thousands of booze bottles: Real world PoS system mass pwnage Domingo Montanaro , Cyllas Elia N/A
ICS cybersecurity programs for multi-national corporations Vladimir Vylkov N/A
Stop hacking me bro! Changing behavior through gamification and behavior modification principles Kymberlee Price, Microsoft Malicious traders Aleks Gostev, Kaspersky Lab The ultimate tips to implement Amin Hasbini N/A
Lessons from the hacker front lines Alex Rice , Ryan Naraine N/A
Exploit kit redux: What happens when kits disappear Nick Biasini N/A
Eight crazy ways to foil hardware attacks, for all budgets Joe Fitzpatrick N/A
15+ years of disclosures: The good, the bad and the worst Cesar Cerrudo N/A
Behind enemy lines: Funny bugs and exploits from inside a criminal's infrastructure Maciej Kotowicz, CERT Polska Fuzz me gently… Catch my crashes! Vladimir Dashchenko , Sergey Temnikov N/A
Inside an active APT incident response Brian Candlish , Christian Teutenberg N/A
Winning the battle by design: The art of security engineering in safety critical systems Campbell Murray N/A
Back to the IoT Future: Where Marty controls all your routers Costin Raiu , Dan Demeter N/A
Ransomware in targeted attacks Anton Ivanov N/A
Hardening Android against ransomware, one dessert at a time Elena Kovakina N/A
IoT security nightmares - 20 minutes, 10 devices Jan Hoersch N/A
China’s evolving cyber operations: A look into APT19’s shift in tactics Ben Withnell , Erica Eng N/A
Mobile espionage in the wild: Pegasus and nation-state level attacks Andrew Blaich N/A
Trade controls impact on industrial Internet of Things Harsha Banavara N/A
Finding Shamoon Amin Hasbini N/A
Do-it-yourself spy program: Abusing Apple's Call Relay Protocol Martin Vigo N/A
BackConnect’s suspicious BGP hijacks Doug Madory N/A
Endless gunfire in South Korea Donghee Lee , Seongsu Park N/A
Do Tinder bots dream of electric toys? Inbar Raz N/A
What zombies know about ICS Kirill Kruglov , Vyacheslav Kopeitsev N/A
Destructive malware: When money isn't a motive Muks Hirani N/A
Scaling properties of software and system security Paul A. Vixie N/A
Industrial malware: The automated way to take down the grid or plants in seconds Dewan Chowdhury N/A
The open source APT Kurt Baumgartner N/A
Building inferences of guilt, attribution, and data visualization with semantic graphs Dan Hubbard , Thibault Reuille N/A
Through the eyes of the attacker: Data integrity attacks in the power sector Chris Sistrunk , Marina Krotofil N/A
High stakes evidence tampering and the failure of digital forensics Mark Spencer N/A
Don't push the button or I will Yara you down Markus Neis N/A
Smart medicine breaches its “First Do No Harm” principle Denis Makrushin N/A
Undocumented MS Word features abused by attackers Anton Ivanov , Alexander Liskin N/A
Hidden treasure: Detecting intrusions with ETW Kyle Reed N/A
Security incidents in ICS/SCADA organizations Alexey Polyakov N/A
Infecting a computer by browsing is harder than you think Boldizsár Bencsáth N/A
Research of using steganalysis and countermeasures against steganography in Anti-APT products Alexey Shulmin , Evgeniya Krylova N/A
When smart medical devices become our worst nightmare Stephen Chavez , Lani Rupp N/A
Battle of hunters: Attacking the weakest link of the strongest chain? Ido Naor N/A
Ponce: One-click concolic execution in IDA Pro Alberto garcia Illera , Francisco Oca N/A
How to get good seats in the security theater: Hacking boarding passes for fun and profit Przemek Jaroszewski N/A
ICS transforms in Maltego Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh N/A
Analyzing APT artifacts - 1000 at a time Vicente Diaz , Marco Preuss N/A
Injection without needles: A detailed look at the data being injected into our web browsers Paul Alderson N/A
Ghosts in the WMI Yury Namestnikov N/A
PowerShell threats: Why they work so well and why they will develop further Candid Wüest N/A