Secure360 2017 May 15, 2017 to May 17, 2017, minneapolis,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Closing the Gap: Information Security and Legal Sean Harrington N/A
Hands on Introduction to Network Pentesting Brad Ammerman N/A
Network Protocol Analysis Kevin A Nassery N/A
How To: Mobile Application Pen Testing Katie Strzempka , Tony Ramirez N/A
Develop an Impact-Focused Cyber Breach Exercise Regina Phelps N/A
Handling Difficult People Kit Welchlin N/A
The U.S. national security apparatus and how it responds to changing threats Juliette N. Kayyem N/A
DEMO: Automated, Risk-Based Vulnerability Management – Financial Impact Quantified Mike Donaldson N/A
Hacking the Supply Curve for Cybersecurity Talent Douglas Logan N/A
Filling the Security Gaps in Smart Cities Tom Caldwell N/A
Device Connection: Security design in the Age of IoT Alex Fagundes N/A
The Best Offense... Kimberly Hirsch N/A
Security Stuck in the Middle of Tech and Exec Solomon Smith N/A
Emerging Innovation in Cybersecurity GRC Max Aulakh N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: Privacy vs. Security - The Double-Edge Sword of Enterprise Encryption Michael Sutton N/A
DEMO: Securing Docker in the Enterprise Chris Olive N/A
I'll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Penetration Deviant Ollam N/A
Watching Commodity Malware Get Sold for a Targeted Breach Israel Barak N/A
Building Successful Threat Intelligence Programs Allan Thomson N/A
Creating an Enterprise Continuity Strategy Dawn Philaya N/A
Building the Next-Gen Cyber Professionals Ronald Woerner N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: 6 Steps to Securing Privileged Access for Outsourced IT Louise Popyk N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: Securing the Shift to Cloud Application Usage Leerun Laizerovich N/A
DEMO: SIEM-Based Compliance Evidence Pete Mckenna N/A
DEMO: Securing Your Cloud Architecture John Michaelson N/A
DEMO: CloudSOC CASB Leerun Laizerovich N/A
Developing the Governance Model for a Business Continuity Program Regina Phelps N/A
Reinventing Security and the Doctrine of Overlapping Controls (Part 1) Marcus J. Ranum N/A
Capability/Risk Analysis of IoT Devices in Botnets Andrew Schmitt , Theresa Chasar , Mangaya Sivagnanam N/A
Closing the Gap Between Physical and Cybersecurity Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
Moving Your Security Program from Good to Great! Ron Kuriscak , J.r. Cunningham N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: Achieving Uniform Compliance and Risk Management through Harmonized GRC Mark Holub N/A
DEMO: Continuous Testing of Mobile App Security for DevOps Tony Ramirez N/A
Reinventing Security and the Doctrine of Overlapping Controls (Part 2) Marcus J. Ranum N/A
Secure Architecture in the Land of Microservices Jack Mannino N/A
Keys to the Kingdom: Automotive Security Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
Leading Upwardly: The Executive/SME Interface Bryan Strawser N/A
The Value of IT GRC and Automation Bob Bennett N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: Protecting Sensitive Data in the Cloud Eric Wolff N/A
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning: Data Center Strategy Kris Edinger , Evan Grimmett N/A
Nothing Personal, It's Just Skype for Business Karl Fosaaen N/A
Forensics: Champagne Performance on a Beer Budget Chad Nordstrom N/A
Penetration Testing 101: No Hoodie Required! Brian Johnson N/A
Trends in BCP and DR: 2017 Edition Fred Klapetzky N/A
Contracting for Security Charlotte Tschider N/A
The Link Between Sales and Security Peter Lukas N/A
Federal Law Enforcement Perspective on Cyber Threats and Importance of Partnerships Stacy Stevens N/A
Opening up while locking down: Balancing collaboration and security in regulated markets Aneesh Chopra N/A
DEMO: How to be “Absolutely” Sure Your Endpoints are Safe Jason Short N/A
Hurricane Matthew: A Case Study Fred Klapetzky N/A
If I Wake Evil, How Would I Attack? (Part 1) John Strand N/A
Breaking into Information Security Josh More , Anthony J. Stieber N/A
Shields Up for WordPress Websites and Blogs Bob Weiss N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: What a CSO Should Demand from Security Operations Martin Nystrom N/A
DEMO: Securing Your Data from the Threat Within Todd Bursch N/A
If I Wake Evil, How Would I Attack? (Part 2) John Strand N/A
Winning the Room: Getting Your Proposals Approved Michael Rogers N/A
Smartphones and Data Breaches: What You Need to Know John Carney N/A
Crisis Proofing Your Organization (and Probably Your Career) James Lukaszewski N/A
Building a Business-Centric IT Security Program Jeremy Wittkop N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: Thwarting the Next Mirai and What’s Ahead for IoT Tas Giakouminakis N/A
DEMO: Getting to Know BMC SecOps Response Service Neil Parisi N/A
DEMO: Effective Security Through Integration Jason Wright N/A
DEMO: Imperva Bryan Highet N/A
Change: Are You Surviving or Thriving? Be Your Own Brand! Kit Welchlin N/A
Hacking Hospitals Ted Harrington N/A
Burning Down the Haystack through Automation Ken Schar N/A
Healing Healthcare InfoSec Barry Caplin N/A
Conducting an Effective BIA (Business Impact Analysis) Heidi Piche N/A
We Should All Be Talking Lizabeth Lehrkamp N/A
Shots Fired: Leading in an Active Shooter Incident Bryan Strawser N/A
IoT Attack Footprint David Lindner N/A
How do you Adapt AppSec to DevOps World? John B. Dickson N/A
SQL Server Hacking on Scale Using PowerShell Scott Sutherland N/A
21st Century Vuln Management Kevin A Nassery N/A
Preparing for a Compliance Audit Bill Curtis N/A
SPONSORED SESSION: The Endpoint is NOT the Battle Ground Keith Tarantino N/A
Optimize Your Supply Chain Cybersecurity Jamison Day , Allan Thomson N/A
Hacking Humans: The Only Way to Fly! Ronald Woerner N/A
Developing a People-First Security Strategy Richard Henderson N/A
Your Tweetable LeaderSelf Elizabeth Stevens N/A