Blackhat USA 1998 July 29, 1998 to July 30, 1998, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How To Really Secure The Internet. Marcus Ranum Is it possible to really secure the Internet? With current technology and methods, the answer ... Security
Mistakes And Blunders: A Hacker Looks At Cryptography. Bruce Schneier From encryption to digital signatures to electronic commerce to secure voting cryptography has become the ... Security Cryptography Business
Secure Coding, Problems With Maintain Source Trees, And Secure Design Philosophies. Theo Deraadt None Security
Information Security: Beyond The Hype Ira Winkler If you read the headlines today, you would think that no matter what people are ... Security Media
Penetrating Nt Networks Through Information Leaks And Policy Weaknesses. Dominique Brezinski The focus of this presentation will be a demonstration of how Windows NT hosts can ... Security Access
Convergence -- Every Man (And Woman) A Spy. Richard Thieme Arbitrary digital interfaces - television, PCs, PDAs - are converging, but that's only part of ... Security Business
Ian Goldberg Cell Art Cellular phones are a growing convenience for many people of many walks of life. Recently, ... Security Privacy
Who Are The Enemies Of Computer And Network Security? Ray Kaplan Generally, "hackers" are regarded as criminals by the "legitimate community." Who are these "hackers" that ... Security
Socks, Pptp & Ipsec: Implementation & Futures John Bailey This interactive presentation will cover the strengths and weaknesses of existing security protocols: SOCKS, PPTP, ... Security Access
An Overview Of A Tcp/Ip Internals And Its Security Strengths And Weaknesses. Peter Shipley An overview of a TCP/IP, it's strengths and weaknesses. Attendees will learn many currently popular ... Security Others
Real World Vpn Implementation Security Issues. Dr. Mudge None Security
What'S Different About Evidence In Computer Crime Litigation. Jennifer Granick Solving and prosecuting computer crimes requires evidence. But electronic footprints, signatures and trails raise questions ... Security
Defeating Network Intrusion Detection. Thomas Ptacek Network intrusion detection (ID), a technology that attempts to identify attackers by monitoring network traffic, ... Security Monitoring
Security As An Enabler For New Business Opportunities - The Business Value Of Security. Karan Khanna None Security Business
Security With The Ntlm++ Protocol Paul Leach None Security
Open Network Pki Design Issues Or Ãbusiness As Usualä Patrick Richard None Security
Statistical Analysis Of Reusable Passwords And Recommendations. Bruce K. Marshall Bruce will present his study which is focused on analyzing the passwords of 3,163 users ... Security Analysis
Trusted Operating System Technology In Web-Based Computing. Paul Mcnabb Increased reliance on mission-critical services delivered over the Internet carries with it the increased risk ... Security Risk