Blackhat USA 1997 July 9, 1997 to July 10, 1997, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Posture Assessment (Spa) Of Windows Nt Networks. Dominique Brezinski Though the level of security in a computer system should reflect the policies of the ... Security
Firewalls: Not Enough Of A Good Thing Miles Connley How the firewall fits into the corporate landscape. While a firewall is a critical part ... Security Web Firewall
Internet Attack Methodologies. Chris Goggans This talk will be broken into three major parts, and will act as an introduction ... Security
Meet The Enemy Ray Kaplan Generally, "hackers" are regarded as criminals by the "legitimate community." Who are these "hackers" that ... Security
Secure Coding Practices And Source Code Analysis. Hobbit , Peiter ( Mudge ) Zatko Security
Secure Implementations Of Activex In A Corporate Environment. Qmaster This talk will deal with the considerations of implements an ActiveX policy, issues of signed ... Security Firewall
Security Implications Of Distributed Network Management. Jeremy Rauch There are security implications and concerns involved with distributed network management protocols such as SNMPv1, ... Security
Tcp/Ip Insecurities. Route This talk will including a brief introduction to TCP/IP, then a detailed discussion of several ... Security
Route Why Looks Bruce Schneier Security
Securing Your Network With Free Utilities. Peter Shipley Contrary to popular managerial belief, there is a plethora of free and useful utilities and ... Security Monitoring
Code Reviews: Making Them Worthwhile Adam Shostack The practice of reviewing code before deployment to detect problems has a long academic history. ... Security
Denial Of Service Attacks, And Defensive Strategies. Sluggo Ping of death, mass mail bombings, email attachment virii, SYN/ACK floods, what services are vulnerable, ... Security Mail Development
Keynote Speech Thursday. Richard Thieme None Security Keynote
Who Are The Real Black Hats? Ira Winkler When people hear about computer hacking and industrial espionage they think of those evil genius ... Security
Building The Business Case For Management For Increased Security. Priest None Security Business