BSidesMSP 2017 June 24, 2017 to June 25, 2017, minneapolis,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Adversary in depth: threat actor TA530 Rachel Giacobozzi N/A
Breaking into information security workshop Anthony J. Stieber N/A
burning down the haystack:efficiency gained with security automation & orchestration Ken Schar N/A
Closing keynote: Social engineering the news Michael Schrenk N/A
cryptography pitfalls John Downey N/A
cyber security analysis training Leonard Jacobs N/A
email is the #1 way we get pwned Michael Gough N/A
hackers interrupted Alex Holden N/A
how to dystopia proof your data Megan Carney N/A
incident response 101 Michael Gough N/A
IoT pentesting workshop Subash Adhikari , Momodou Jaiteh N/A
javascrypto: how we are using browsers as cryptographic engines Kat Traxler N/A
kill all the orcs, hack all the things Chad Walker N/A
know the advesary: infiltrating command and control comm's Tim Crothers N/A
malware forensices in minutes Jeremiah Cruit N/A
murder mystery, how vulnerable intelligence is poising your infosec program Gordon Mackay N/A
need for speed, benefits of speed driven incident response Aaron Shanas N/A
neuro hacking Timothy Marzullo N/A
opening keynote- bringing the body's electrical signals out of the body and designing interfaces therein Timothy Marzullo N/A
out of the browser into the fire Moloch N/A
red team yourself Thomas Richards N/A
remembering how we got here integrating defense-in0depth into devops culture Matt Krieger , Kasim Esmail N/A
sdr 101 Mike Saunders , Tim Jensen N/A
security in the land of microservices Jack Mannino N/A
threat hunting for enterprise Joseph Ten Eyck N/A