EuropeanSecurityConfrence 2017 June 5, 2017 to June 6, 2017, lisbon, portugal

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Privacy policies and practices in Portuguese local e-government André Zúquete N/A
The need for proper analytics in the wake of WannaCry Jorge Pinto N/A
The binomial relationship of GDPR and Cybersecurity Pedro Machado N/A
Registration & Opening Session Mário Caldeira , Sergio Nunes N/A
Beyond technology: exploring the limits of computer security Gurpreet Dhillon N/A
DNS firewall: The Power of Data Analytics to Detect Malicious Communications João Paulo Magalhães N/A
PARADISE: Modular Click Fraud Detection Diogo Frazão N/A
Integrating Security Analytics Into the Governance and Management of IT Bruno Soares N/A
Big data breaches and customer compensation Viswanath Venkatesh N/A
The DiSIEM H2020 project: enhancing security monitoring with Diversity, OSINT and ML Allyson Bessany N/A
Evaluating decision functions based on probabilistic variables in Cybersecurity: biometrics case study Henrique Santos N/A
The Future of Cryptography: From Modern to Post-Modern Cryptography José Valença N/A
Value-based Objectives for Improving IOT Security and Privacy Kane Smith N/A
FlowHacker: An Approach for Detecting Unknown Network Attacks With Flows Miguel Correia N/A
Cyberspace, ecosystem of strategic interest Gonçalo Sousa N/A