2nd Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test 2009 Aug. 10, 2009 to Aug. 14, 2009, Montreal, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
An Emulation Of Geni Access Control Soner Sevinc , Larry Peterson , Trevor Fern·ndez None Security Access
Dartmouth Internet Security Testbed (Dist): Building A Campus-Wide Wireless Testbed Sergey Bratus , David Kotz , Keren Tan , William Taylor , Anna Shubina , Bennet Vance , Michael E. Locasto None Security Wireless
The Virtual Power System Testbed And Inter-Testbed Integration David C. Bergman , Dong Jin , David M. Nicol , Tim Yardley None Security
The Heisenberg Measuring Uncertainty In Lightweight Virtualization Testbeds Angelos Stavrou , Quan Jia , Zhaohui Wang None Security
Evaluating Security Products With Clinical Trials Anil Somayaji , Yiru Li , Hajime Inoue , Josè M. Fernandez , Richard Ford None Security
Collective Views Of The Nsa/Css Cyber Defense Exercise On Curricula And Learning Objectives Efstratios L. Gavas , William J. Adams , Tim Lacey , Sylvain P. Leblanc None Security
A Highly Immersive Approach To Teaching Reverse Engineering Golden Iii None Security
Opening Remarks Angelos Stavrou , Jelena Mirkovic , Terry V. Benzel None Security
Keynote Address: The Future Of Cyber Security Experimentation And Test Michael Vanputte None Security Keynote
Payoff Based Ids Evaluation Michael Collins None Security
Toward Instrumenting Network Warfare Competitions To Generate Labeled Datasets Erik Dean , Gregory Conti , William J. Adams , Benjamin Sangster , T.j. O'connor , Thomas Cook , Robert Fanelli , Chris Morrell None Security