SOUPS 2017 July 12, 2017 to July 14, 2017, santa clara,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Awards Presentations Mary Ellen Zurko N/A
Better Security and Privacy through Transparency: Lessons from HTTPS and Beyond Eric Mill N/A
Diversify to Survive: Making Passwords Stronger with Adaptive Policies Lorrie Faith Cranor , Lujo Bauer , Nicolas Christin , Blase Ur , Richard Shay , Saranga Komanduri , Michelle l. Mazurek , William Melicher , Sean Segreti , Darya Melicher N/A
A Second Look at Password Composition Policies in the Wild: Comparing Samples from 2010 and 2016 Melanie Volkamer , Peter Mayer , Jan Kirchner , Alexandra Kunz N/A
Is that you, Alice? A Usability Study of the Authentication Ceremony of Secure Messaging Applications Kent Seamons , Elham Vaziripour , Justin Wu , Mark O’neill , Ray Clinton , Jordan Whitehead , Scott Heidbrink , Daniel Zappala N/A
“...better to use a lock screen than to worry about saving a few seconds of time”: Effect of Fear Appeal in the Context of Smartphone Locking Behavior Yusuf Albayram , Mohammad Khan , Theodore Jensen , Nhan Nguyen N/A
End User Security and Privacy Concerns with Smart Homes Franziska Roesner , Eric Zeng , Shrirang Mare N/A
Security Developer Studies with GitHub Users: Exploring a Convenience Sample Michelle l. Mazurek , Sascha Fahl , Yasemin Acar , Christian Stransky , Dominik Wermke N/A
Regulators, Mount Up! Analysis of Privacy Policies for Mobile Money Services Patrick Traynor , Kevin Butler , Bradley Reaves , Jasmine Bowers , Imani N. Sherman N/A
A Qualitative Investigation of Bank Employee Experiences of Information Security and Phishing Dan Conway , Ronnie Taib , Mitch Harris , Kun Yu , Shlomo Berkovsky , Fang Chen N/A
(Demo) TD-CHAIN: A System to Enhance Transparency in Data Flows David Sidi N/A
Privacy-preserving Information Mediation for Enterprises Karen Myers N/A
Security Metrics for the Electric Sector Candace Suh-lee N/A
The Keepers of PII: Roles, Rules, and Responsibilities in the Workplace Brian Stanton N/A
DigiTally: Piloting Offline Payments for Phones Ross Anderson , Khaled Baqer , Lorna Mutegi , Jeunese Adrienne Payne , Joseph Sevilla N/A
Turtle Guard: Helping Android Users Apply Contextual Privacy Preferences David A. Wagner , Joel Reardon , Serge Egelman , Primal Wijesekera , Lynn Tsai , Irwin Reyes , Nathan Good , Jung-wei Chen N/A
Authentication on the Go: Assessing the Effect of Movement on Mobile Device Keystroke Dynamics Heather Crawford , Ebad Ahmadzadeh N/A
Impact of User Characteristics on Attitudes Towards Automatic Mobile Application Updates Arunesh Mathur , Marshini Chetty N/A
Exploring decision making with Android’s runtime permission dialogs using in-context surveys Sai Teja Peddinti , Bram Bonné , Igor Bilogrevic , Nina Taft N/A
Weighing Context and Trade-offs: How Suburban Adults Selected Their Online Security Posture Scott Ruoti , Kent Seamons , Justin Wu , Daniel Zappala , Tyler Monson N/A
How Effective is Anti-Phishing Training for Children? Pieter Hartel , Elmer Lastdrager , Inés Carvajal Gallardo , Marianne Junger N/A
“I feel stupid I can’t delete...”: A Study of Users’ Cloud Deletion Practices and Coping Strategies Awais Rashid , Kopo Marvin Ramokapane , Jose Miguel Such N/A
The importance of visibility for folk theories of sensor data Emilee Rader , Janine Slaker N/A
(Demo) Improving Second Factor Authentication Challenges to Help Protect Facebook account owners Oleg Iaroshevych N/A
Apples vs. Mangos: How an Activation Code Turned into an Identifier Joy Marie Forsythe N/A
Rethinking & Redesigning the Windows 10 Privacy Settings Janice Tsai N/A
Replication: Challenges in Using Data Logs to Validate Phishing Detection Ability Metrics Alain Forget , Casey Canfield , Alex Davis , Baruch Fischhoff , Sarah Pearman , Jeremy Thomas N/A
Can we fight social engineering attacks by social means? Assessing social salience as a means to improve phish detection Pam Briggs , Lynne Coventry , James Nicholson N/A
Raise the Curtains: The Effect of Awareness About Targeting on Consumer Attitudes and Purchase Intentions Alessandro Acquisti , Sonam Samat , Linda Babcock N/A
Using chatbots against voice spam: Analyzing Lenny’s effectiveness Aurélien Francillon , Merve Sahin , Marc Relieu N/A
Valuating Friends’ Privacy: Does Anonymity of Sharing Personal Data Matter? Jens Grossklags , Yu Pu N/A
Self-driving cars and data collection: Privacy perceptions of networked autonomous vehicles Lujo Bauer , Joshua Tan , Cara Bloom , Javed Ramjohn N/A
Format vs. Content: The Impact of Risk and Presentation on Disclosure Decisions Alessandro Acquisti , Sonam Samat N/A
New Me: Understanding Expert and Non-Expert Perceptions and Usage of the Tor Anonymity Network Sameer Patil , Nasir Memon , Kevin Gallagher N/A