TaPP 2017 June 23, 2017 to June 23, 2017, seattle,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Interactive Debugging for Data-Intensive Scalable Computing using Data Provenance Tyson Condie N/A
Integrating Approximate Summarization with Provenance Capture Xing Niu , Boris Glavic , Seokki Lee , Bertram Ludäscher N/A
Expressiveness Benchmarking for System-Level Provenance Ashish Gehani , Ripduman Sohan , James Cheney , Hassaan Irshad , Sheung Chi Chan N/A
Corroboration via Provenance Patterns Lina Barakat , Phillip Taylor , Nathan Griffiths , Simon Miles N/A
Answering Historical What-if Queries with Provenance, Reenactment, and Symbolic Execution Bahareh Sadat Arab , Boris Glavic N/A
ProvDIVE: PROV Derivation Inspection and Visual Exploration Sven Lieber , Io Taxidou , Peter M. Fischer , Tom De Nies , Erik Mannens N/A
Navigating Versioned Version Trees David Koop N/A
Provenance Tracing in the Internet of Things Qi Wang , Adam Bates , Carl A Gunter , Wajih Ul Hassan N/A
Deduplicating Container Provenance with Graph Grammars Adam Bates , Thomas Moyer , Wajih Ul Hassan , Mark Lemay N/A
Provenance of Computation Meets Persistent Threat Detection: A Progress Report David Archer N/A
Automated Provenance Analytics: A Regular Grammar Based Approach with Applications in Security Nabil Schear , Thomas Moyer , Wajih Ul Hassan , Mark Lemay , Warren Smith N/A
Provenance in DISC Systems: Reducing Space Overhead at Runtime Melanie Herschel , Ralf Diestelkämper , Priyanka Jadhav N/A
ACCESSPROV: Tracking the Provenance of Access Control Decisions Trent Jaeger , Frank Capobianco , Christian Skalka N/A
Provenance-based Recommendations for Visual Data Exploration Melanie Herschel , Houssem Ben Lahmar N/A
Applying Provenance in APT Monitoring and Analysis: Practical Challenges for Scalable, Efficient and Trustworthy Distributed Provenance Robert N.M. Watson , Jonathan Anderson , Lucian Carata , Ripduman Sohan , Nikilesh Balakrishnan , Thomas Bytheway , Graeme Jenkinson , Brian Kidney , Amanda Strnad , Arun Thomas , George Neville-neil N/A
Dataflow Notebooks: Encoding and Tracking Dependencies of Cells David Koop , Jay Patel N/A