warcon 2017 June 2, 2017 to June 3, 2017, warsaw,poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
iOS kernel exploitation archaeology, and John Dee elizabethan hermeticism Argp N/A
Android EL0 & EL1 debugging nightmares Huku N/A
A journey in JavaScriptCore exploitation @qwertyoruiopz N/A
Biting the Apple that feeds you: macOS Kernel Fuzzing Alex Plaskett , James Loureiro N/A
BugId: automated crash analysis Skylined N/A
Windows Beasts and how to use them Zer0mem N/A
Debugging race conditions on the linux kernel using stap and radare r2k Jaime Peñalba N/A
IoT Tales: The forbidden reset - A creative journey from a lost password Cristofaro Mune N/A
StreamHash4 Michal Trojnara N/A
Particle physics for web security practitioners Luca Carettoni N/A
I Hunt Sys Admins: Weasel your way into *nix @bl4sty N/A
Cisco ASA Episode 1: A Fragment to rule them all - Exploiting the IKEv1 heap overflow Cedric Halbronn N/A