ASE 2017 Aug. 15, 2017 to Aug. 15, 2017, vancouver,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Using Competitions and CTFs Mark A. Gondree N/A
CTF: State-of-the-Art and Building the Next Generation Clark Taylor , Pablo Arias , Jim Klopchic , Celeste Matarazzo , Evi Dube N/A
Shell We Play A Game? CTF-as-a-service for Security Education Giovanni Vigna , Adam Doupe , Eric Gustafson , Francesco Disperati , Erik Trickel , Faezeh Kalantari , Michael Mabey , Naveen Tiwari , Yeganeh Safaei N/A
Analysis and Exercises for Engaging Beginners in Online CTF Competitions for Security Education Tanner J. Burns , Samuel C. Rios , Thomas K. Jordan , Qijun Gu , Trevor Underwood N/A
Live Lesson: Lowering the Barriers to Capture The Flag Administration and Participation Kevin Chung N/A
Broadening Participation Ashley Podhradsky N/A
CyberPDX: A Camp for Broadening Participation in Cybersecurity Wu-chang Feng , Lois Delcambre , Robert Liebman , Michael Lupro , Tim Sheard , Scott Britell , Gerald Recktenwald N/A
Teaching Authentication in High Schools: Challenges and Lessons Learned Elizabeth Stobert , Elizabeta Cavar , Luka Malisa , David Sommer N/A
Jail, Hero or Drug Lord? Turning a Cyber Security Course Into an 11 Week Choose Your Own Adventure Story Tom Chothia , Sam Holdcroft , Andreea-ina Radu , Richard J. Thomas N/A
Live Lesson: Netsim: Network simulation and hacking for high schoolers Ian Goldberg , Urs Hengartner , Erinn Atwater , Cecylia Bocovich N/A
Developing Classroom Exercises Wu-chang Feng N/A
Live Lesson: The EDURange Framework and a Movie-themed Exercise in Network Reconnaissance Michael E. Locasto , Richard Weiss , Jens Mache N/A
Security Scenario Generator (SecGen): A Framework for Generating Randomly Vulnerable Rich-scenario VMs for Learning Computer Security and Hosting CTF Events Z. Cliffe Schreuders , Thomas Shaw , Mohammad Shan-a-khuda , Gajendra Ravichandran , Jason Keighley , Mihai Ordean N/A
Live Lesson: Labtainers: A Docker-based Framework for Cybersecurity Labs Cynthia E. Irvine , Jean Khosalim , Michael Mccarrin , Michael F. Thompson N/A
Peer Instruction for Digital Forensics Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , William E. Johnson , Cynthia B. Lee N/A
Establishing a Guide to the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge George Danezis , Wouter Joosen , Awais Rashid N/A
Motivating learning: Teaching communications security with social movements Glencora Borradaile N/A
Evaluating Online Security Training for Journalists Through the Lens of Learning Science Franziska Roesner , Kelly Caine , Mahdi Nasrullah Al-ameen , Susan E. Mcgregor , Elizabeth Anne Watkins , Byron Lowens N/A
Experiences with CTFd in the Classroom Zachary Peterson N/A
Decisions & Disruptions: A tabletop game for ICS security education Awais Rashid N/A