bsidesmanchester 2017 Aug. 17, 2017 to Aug. 17, 2017, manchester,uk

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A year in the red Dominic Chell , Vincent Yiu N/A
Cracking the lens:targeting http's hidden attack-surface James Kettle N/A
CTF's - not just for halo Ray Doyle N/A
kubernetes container clustering, catastrophe? Rory Mccune N/A
enemies of the west Neil Lines N/A
DOM based angular sandbox escapes Gareth Heyes N/A
return of the jedi - considering the role of the security professional in light of exceptional times Charl van der Walt N/A
a forgottoen http invisibility cloak Soroush Dalili N/A
digital forensics: the missing piece of internet of things promise Ali Dehghantanha N/A
money makes money: how to buy an ATM and what to do with it Leigh-anne Galloway N/A
the impact of steganography on electronic communications Michael Hegarty N/A
practical serialization attacks Nicky Bloor N/A
fast forward 10 years:fact,fiction & failure Ian Trump N/A
revocation is broken, here's how we're fixing it Scott Helme N/A
cisco asa episode 3: a journey in analysing heaps Cedric Halbronn N/A
malvertising: under the hood Chris "paperghost" Boyd N/A
machine learning aided malware detection (with focus on android) Nikola Milosevic N/A
hacking wireless home security systems Eric Escobar N/A
reparing the internet with responsible disclosures Victor Gevers N/A
from MS08-067 to eternal blue Denis Isakov N/A
testing docker images security Jose Manuel Ortega N/A
echo chambers in infosec & what can we do about them? Colette Weston N/A
security testing as part of the release pipeline David Brownhill , Craig Scot-angell N/A
bow ties in infosec - do they have a place? Carolyn Yates N/A
how to obtain 100 facebook accounts per day through internet searches Yael Basurto , Guillermo Buendia N/A