Cocon 2017 Aug. 18, 2017 to Aug. 19, 2017, kochi,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel :Call Centre Frauds Betsy Broder , Parry Aftab N/A
Future of cyber crime investigations Lokanath Behara N/A
Cyber Security in a hyper connected world – What the future beholds? Venugopal N N/A
Topic (TBA) Ravinder Pal Singh N/A
Securing the National Critical Information Infrastructure Ajeet Bajpai N/A
Private-Public Partnerships in Cyber Security and Cybercrime Management. Manoj Abraham N/A
Your friendly neighborhood expliot Aseem "@" Jakhar N/A
Big Data Analytics with pattern matching for smarter analytics Tarun Wig N/A
Hunting the Hunters – Fighting CyberCrime at the Source Valan Sivasubramanian N/A
OSINT & PRIVACY Rohit Srivastwa N/A
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Vivek Arora , Bhaskar Rastogi N/A
Yarafying Android Malware: A Missing Step Before Malware Analysis Shivang Desai N/A
Hacking Homes: A hardware insight for IoT [in]Security Jiggyasu Sharma N/A
Androsia: A tool for securing in memory sensitive data Samit Anwer N/A
Cloud_Security Suite - One stop tool for auditing cloud infrastructure Jayesh singh Chauhan , Shivankar Madaan N/A
CoAP versus MQTT: IoT Protocol Vulnerability analysis Rajiv Pandey N/A
10 Things I Hate About Your Honeypots or How to Setup Honeypots That Work Rahul Binjve N/A
The Internet Of Things: Essentials of Secur(IOT)y Ronald Michael , Arpit Bajpai N/A
Blockchain for Information security Shobha Rani J N/A
Recreation of Live attack on Financial institution based on metasploit, remote desktop and password dumping using Forensic Evidence Jay Jacob , Dara A M N/A
The card hack - Lessons from the Hitachi Payments Breach Saikat Datta N/A
What Security Managers can learn from story tellers? Anup Narayanan N/A
Cyber Security Threat Management – Model it, Collect Intelligence and Hunt them! Illyas Kooliyankal N/A
Cyber Threat Intelligence - Are We There , Yet…? A Shiju Rawther N/A
Security Quiz Winja N/A
Hunting Botnets with Analytics Shomiron Das Gupta N/A
Phishing threats to customers and mitigation Bhavin B. Bhansali N/A
Cyber bullying-Screen the Mean Nitin Awade , Surjata Awade N/A
Threats with online gaming and issues with games like Pokemon Riyaz Walikar , Akash Mahajan N/A
Social Media and You Parry Aftab N/A
Building Trust for Digital Transactions in India's COD Culture Betsy Broder , Parry Aftab , Sridhara.r.sidhu , Mirza Faizan N/A
Child Pornography and the Dark Web: International Collaboration in Investigation and Prosecution. Jonathan Rouse , Cecelia Wallin N/A
Collaboration in Capacity Building for Cybercrime Management. Hwee Hsiung Lee N/A
Trust, the foundation of Digital Mastery Sunil Varkey N/A
Ransomware revisited – is it really the worst type of malware? Mohit Puri , Sophos N/A
Cyber Law in India: a journey from 2000 to 2017 (Pornography, Hacking and Cyber Terrorism) Vishal Kumar N/A
Fulfilling Security Requirements in an outsourced environment Emmanuel Peter N/A
The Public Private Partnership - Navigating the Govt Saikat Datta N/A
Are TOR Hidden Services really hidden? Demystifying HS Directory surveillance by injecting Decoys inside TOR! Abhinav Biswas N/A
Prevent Dark Side of your Smart City - A Defensive Security model for Smart City and Critical Infrastructure Manas Pratim Sarma N/A
The Covert Cupid Under .11 Veil !!! /* Approach for Covert WIFI*/ Rushikesh D. Nandedkar N/A
Penetration Testing Orchestrator: A Framework that leverages multi-tool penetration testing approach combined with Machine Learning-NLP for faster result analysis Furqan Ahmed Khan , Siddharth Anbalahan N/A
Anti-Virus Bypassing for Fun and Profit Vanshit Malhotra N/A
iGoat – A Self Learning Tool for iOS App Pentesting and Security Swaroop Yermalkar N/A
Exploiting the smartness of BLE Stack Apoorva Gupta N/A
Catching Network anomalies using Deep learning Aditya Vasekar N/A
Mobile Banking (In)Security Sneha Rajguru N/A
Case study: Security of Digital Wallet apps in India Sandesh Anand , Ashwath Kumar K N/A
Third Party Risk Assessments for Banking Pazhamalai Jayaraman N/A
N/A Riyaz Mahajan N/A
Panel - Security in Banking - Being one step aheadt Sunil Varkey , Rajesh Hemrajani , Biju K , Bhavin Bhansal , Br Nath , V George Antony N/A
Bank on Compliance for Cyber Security Dinesh Bareja N/A
Challenges in Digital Banking Biju K N/A
Sleep, Screen and Teenagers Natishia Rebecca Chandy , Pulkit Deepak Khatri N/A
Cyber bullying and Cyber Harassment Martina Mathew , Jacob Jose , Ankit John Abraham , Lekshmi B N/A
Identity Theft Devika A V , Meera P N/A
Do Students really require Smartphones Pranav A Menon N/A
The need for Teachers to cope with Technology Resmi Rajan , Shibi Anand N/A
The Role of Teachers in Digital Era Nisha Prayan N/A
Internet Addiction and Children Teena Jose N/A