CSET 2017 Aug. 14, 2017 to Aug. 14, 2017, vancouver,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Mathias Payer , Josè M. Fernandez N/A
Measuring the Internet Scale Chao Zhang N/A
Measuring the Effectiveness of Embedded Phishing Exercises Damon Mccoy , Sean Palka , Hossein Siadatii , Avi Siegel N/A
Malicious Browser Extensions at Scale: Bridging the Observability Gap between Web Site and Browser Geoffrey M. Voelker , Stefan Savage , Nektarios Leontiadis , Louis F. Dekoven N/A
Where art thou, Eve? Experiences laying traps for Internet eavesdroppers Micah Sherr , Tavish Vaidya , Clay Shields , Eric Burger N/A
Testbeds and Large-Scale Experiments Laura S. Tinnel N/A
Pains, Gains and PLCs: Ten Lessons from Building an Industrial Control Systems Testbed for Security Research Awais Rashid , Utz Roedig , Benjamin Green , Anhtuan Lee , Rob Antrobus , David Hutchison N/A
Multipath Transport for Virtual Private Networks Geoffrey Xie , Daniel Lukaszewski N/A
Lessons Learned from Using an Online Platform to Conduct Large-Scale, Online Controlled Security Experiments with Software Developers Michael Backes , Michelle l. Mazurek , Sascha Fahl , Simson Garfinkel , Yasemin Acar , Christian Stransky , Dominik Wermke , Duc Cuong Nguyen , Doowon Kim , Elissa M. Redmiles N/A
Frameworks for Static and Binary Analysis Brendan Dolan-gavitt N/A
The Cause of All Evils: Assessing Causality Between User Actions and Malware Activity Gianluca Stringhini , Enrico Mariconti , Gordon Ross , Jeremiah Onaolapo N/A
Revisiting Static Analysis of Android Malware François Gagnon , Frederic Massicotte N/A
Metrics for runtime detection of allocators in binaries Laurent Mounier , Roland Groz , Franck De Goër N/A
Invited Talk: Overlooked Foundations: Exploits as Experiments and Constructive Proofs in the Science-of-Security Sergey Bratus N/A