1st USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies 2007 Aug. 5, 2007 to Aug. 6, 2007, Boston, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Fast-Flux Dns And Overlay Networks Using Botnets David Dagon , Georgia Technology None Security DNS Botnets
Flayer: Exposing Application Internals Google Monrose , Will Ormandy None Security
Exploiting Concurrency Vulnerabilities In System Call Wrappers Robert N.M. Watson None Security
The Nd2Db Attack: Database Content Extraction Using Timing Attacks On The Indexing Algorithms Ariel Waissbein , Ariel Futoransky , Dami·n Saura None Security
Billing Attacks On Sip-Based Voip Systems Xuxian Jiang , Ruishan Zhang , Xinyuan Wang , Xiaohui Yang None Security
Bluesniff: Eve Meets Alice And Bluetooth Dominic Spill , Andrea Bittau None Security
Toward Undetected Operating System Fingerprinting Lloyd G. Greenwald , Tavaris J. Thomas None Security
Catch Me, If You Can: Evading Network Signatures With Web-Based Polymorphic Worms Giovanni Vigna , Matt Van Gundy , Davide Balzarotti Security
An Encrypted Exploit Payload Protocol And Target-Side Scripting Engine Dino Dai Zovi Security