DFRWS 2017 Aug. 6, 2017 to Aug. 9, 2017, austin,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Track 1: A Light Introduction to Linux Malware Analysis Workshop Workshop Adam Pridgen N/A
Track 2: SMS Recovery From NAND Memory of Erased eMMC Chip Workshop Workshop Sasha Sheremetov N/A
Keynote Address Brian Hay , Kara Nance N/A
DROP (DRone Open source Parser) Your Drone - Forensic Analysis of the DJI Phantom III Paper Frank Breitinger , Ibrahim Baggili , Devon Clark , Christopher Meffert N/A
Digital Forensic Approaches for Amazon Alexa Ecosystem Paper Sangjin Lee , Hyunji Chung , Jungheum Park N/A
Leveraging the SRTP protocol for Over-The-Network Memory Acquisition of a GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Paper Frank Breitinger , Ibrahim Baggili , Filip Karpíšek , Denton George N/A
SCARF: A Container-Based Approach to Cloud-Scale Digital Forensic Processing Paper Vassil Roussev , Christopher Stelly N/A
Insights Gained From Constructing a Large Scale Dynamic Analysis Platform Paper Patrick Pape , Cody Miller , Dae Glendowne , Henry Cook , Demarcus Thomas , Chris Lanclos N/A
Virtualization-Based Security: A Forensics Perspective Presentation Jason Hale N/A
Use of Generalized Hough Transform on Interpretation of Memory Dumps Presentation Pavel Gladyshev , Paulo Souza N/A
Advancing the AFF4 to the Challenges of Volatile Memory and Single Hashes Presentation Bradley Schatz N/A
Extending The Sleuth Kit and its Underlying Model for Pooled Storage File System Forensic Analysis Paper Daniel Plohmann , Jan-niclas Hilgert , Martin Lambertz N/A
SCADA Network Forensics of the PCCC Protocol Paper Vassil Roussev , Irfan Ahmed , Saranyan Senthivel N/A
Linux Memory Forensics: Dissecting the User Space Process Heap Paper Frank Block , Andreas Dewald N/A
Gaslight: A Comprehensive Fuzzing Architecture for Memory Forensics Frameworks Paper Andrew Case , Arghya Das , Seung-jong Park , Ram Ramanujam , Golden Richard Iii N/A
Availability of Datasets for Digital Forensics - and What is Missing Paper Frank Breitinger , Ibrahim Baggili , Cinthya Grajeda Mendez N/A
Finding Digital Evidence in Mobile Devices Presentation Hans Henseler , Vince Noort N/A
Memory Based Dynamic Malware Analysis Presentation Endre Bangerter , Jonas Wagner N/A
Deleted File Persistence on Digital Media Presentation Jim Jones , Tahir Khan N/A
Analyzing User-Event Data Using Score-based Likelihood Ratios with Marked Point Processes Paper Christopher Galbraith , Padhraic Smyth N/A
Time-of-Recording Estimation for Audio Recordings Paper Ying Zhang , Vrizlynn Thing , Chien Eao Lee , Lilei Zheng N/A
Carving Database Storage to Detect and Trace Security Breaches Paper Jonathan Grier , James Wagner , Alexander Rasin , Boris Glavic , Karen Heart , Jacob Furst , Lucas Bressan N/A
Pull It Together: Enabling Interoperability of Digital Forensic Systems Using a Standard Representation and Supporting API Presentation Sean Barnum , Ryan Griffith N/A
AFIDS: Another Forensic Image Data Set Presentation Michael Mccarrin , David Baker , Mark Guido , Vik Harichandran , Sam Brothers N/A
Browser Artifacts of Google Drive and Gmail Presentation Elizabeth Schweinsberg N/A
Track 1: Modern Password Cracking Systems Workshop Workshop Sudhir Aggarwal , Shiva Houshmand N/A
Track 2: Rekall Everywhere - DFIR in the Cloud Workshop Workshop Michael Cohen N/A