sha 2017 Aug. 4, 2017 to Aug. 8, 2017, scoutinglandgoed,netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Gems are truly outrageous (com)buster N/A
Developments in Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure 1sand0s N/A
Ethics in Computing 1sand0s N/A
Because "use urandom" isn't everything: a deep dive into CSPRNGs in Operating Systems & Programming Languages Aaron Zauner (azet) N/A
Internet-wide measurements: past, present and future [NEW: we'll scan during SHA live from Day 1] Aaron Zauner (azet) N/A
Parkour communications Adrianus Warmenhoven N/A
Introducing Talla: An Erlang implementation of Tor Alexander Færøy N/A
Race For Root: The Analysis Of The Linux Kernel Race Condition Exploit Alexander Popov N/A
MISP threat sharing platform Alexandre Dulaunoy N/A
How to Defend Cars Alexios Lekidis , Guillaume Dupont N/A
Smart, safe & happy Ancilla Leest N/A
Working with Vim, Part 1 Andrew Radev N/A
Working with Vim, Part 2 Andrew Radev N/A
Working with Vim, Part 3 Andrew Radev N/A
NSFW: Di[CENSORED]s for privacy Anus N/A
Open Band Ariane Stolfi N/A
Digital Security Editathon Arikia , Huertanix N/A
Network Traffic Analysis using Deep Packet Inspection and Data Visualization Arrayx N/A
Open networking and hardware/software disaggregation Attilla De Groot N/A
The Hackeboy handheld game console Axel Theilmann N/A
Best of IoT Fails Barbara Wimmer N/A
Let's hack words Barbara Wimmer , Klaudia Jinxx N/A
Hack in the Class: Arduino Nemo , Barry van kampen N/A
Hack in the Class: How to CTF for kids! Nemo , Barry van kampen N/A
Create a better world, teach our kids more hacking skills! Nemo , Barry van kampen N/A
A trip to India Bart Roos N/A
Copyfighters Bernhard 'nini' Hayden N/A
DNA: The Code of Life Bert Hubert N/A
DNA: More greatest hits Bert Hubert N/A
Make aluminium profile connections Betz N/A
Good is hard, but try anyway. Bilal Ghalib N/A
How the NSA tracks you Bill Binney N/A
How the NSA Tracks You: Simulcast Bill Binney N/A
Infrastructure review Bix N/A
Mailpile Bjarnirunar N/A
ToSeBit Chiptune Bobo_pk N/A
Beyond the Titanic Brenno De Winter N/A
Life is too short for playing classic sports... Bruno Oliveira N/A
Are Whistleblowers safer today than they were at OHM2013? Cannelle , Suelette , Veronika Nad N/A
Building Humanitarian hackers in your communities - How to Chinmayisk N/A
Colors at SHA2017: flag colors on the screen, in print and in paint Christel Sanders N/A
Android Application Pentesting 101 Christian Becker , Tim N/A
Let's stop EU copyright expansion Christopher Clay N/A
Voiceovers Claudia , Ricardo N/A
The quest for algorithm diversity Claudio Agosti N/A
Nothing to Hide Claudio Agosti , Upupup N/A
Data driven campaign against web tracking Claudio Agosti N/A
Zanshin Tech: the digital martial art Cod N/A
Cyberbullying: reverse engineering Cod N/A
icibici workshop: a brain-computer interface for your phone/tablet/etc. Colin Rowat N/A
DDoS attack and defense Craig N/A
dcypher: 28 Bits Later: Entropy-exhausting Attacks Against ASLR Using Side Channels Cristiano Giuffrida N/A
decentralized casual crypto computing D0d9 N/A
Car hacking: getting from A to B with Eve Daan Keuper , Thijs Alkemade N/A
The One Ring, goldsmithing workshop Daan Uttien Sawugo N/A
Demolish the web with the Firefox Dev Tools! Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte N/A
45 minute to Browser Super Powers Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte N/A
WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.0 Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte N/A
How to develop PyQt software Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte N/A
Introduction to Mozilla ChangeCopyright Daniele Mte90 Scasciafratte N/A
LaTeX Dantetante , Stefan Kottwitz N/A
My own system Darkpila N/A
A look at TR-06FAIL and other CPE Configuration Management Disasters Darren Martyn N/A
Get more work area from a CNC machine David N/A
Legacy Crypto Never Dies David Hulton N/A
from glass fiber to fiber glass noodles Dennisdebel N/A
LoraLight Devlaam N/A
FaceDancer 2.0 Dominic Spill , Ktemkin N/A
Coffee Machines & JavaScript Dominik Kundel N/A
1)3/1532 Dvzrv N/A
SHA2017 Opening Elger 'stitch' Jonker N/A
Hackerspaces Jedi Emile Aben N/A
Silent Protest Endrazine , Lanrat N/A
Build Usable Tools Erica Portnoy N/A
Certbot & Let's Encrypt Office Hours Erica Portnoy N/A
My Safe In Your House Erica Portnoy N/A
Ask your candidates and let everyone know about it Erik Albers N/A
F-Droid: Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps Erik Albers N/A
One map to map them all Erik Meerburg N/A
Localizing Technology, Together Erinm N/A
IRMA workshop Fabian Broek N/A
Regulating Law Enforcement use of Trojans Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) N/A
Cryptography beyond Encryption and Signatures Fjw N/A
Seccubus workshop Frank Breedijk N/A
Balloon folding workshop Frank Breedijk N/A
Bluetooth enabled Geocache Frank Breedijk N/A
Fermentation Mobile Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck N/A
(In)discrete Music Giles Greenway N/A
Digital dissent in Latin America Gisela , Niels Ten Oever N/A
GNU Taler Grothoff N/A
TBM: Trusted boot module Guido Noordende , Merlijn B.w. Wajer N/A
Anonymous, secure and easy. You can have them all. Guido Witmond N/A
Improving security with Fuzzing and Sanitizers Hanno N/A
Arduino for kids soldering Henk N/A
Cryptokids Henk N/A
Hack North Korea Human Rights Foundation N/A
Black Hat Locksmithing Huxleypig N/A
Heralds Introduction Ijon N/A
FILMS Ine Poppe N/A
Internet Poem Ipek Burçak N/A
Join Mozilla we have cookies Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
From NoT to IoT (or the opposite?) Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Mobile World Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Windows forensics Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
New challenges Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Modern Digital Forensics analysis, where to find evidence Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
What code are you running? Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Secure communications hardware Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Free software in the Dutch public sector Italian Hackers' Embassy N/A
Hospitals and cyber security J3lena N/A
Privacy Design Strategies Jaap-henk Hoepman N/A
Privacy by Design meetup Jaap-henk Hoepman N/A
World'O'Techno Jarkman N/A
Having Daft Ideas Jarkman N/A
Make your own titanium spork Jarkman N/A
Qubes OS for you and me Jean-philippe Ouellet N/A
LDraw: computer-aided design for serious LEGO fans Jean-philippe Ouellet N/A
Qubes User Group Tom Lowenthal , Jean-philippe Ouellet N/A
Blockchains for a Better World Jelle Herold N/A
We don’t need no security! Jelle Niemantsverdriet N/A
From Project To Kit Jenny List N/A
Life Needs Internet Jeroen Van Loon N/A
Moving towards fully encrypted web Joohoi N/A
Get your ass (HTTP infrastructure) on TLS Joohoi N/A
I have a dream Jos Weyers , Jos N/A
The World in 24 Hours Revisited Josephine Bosma N/A
Improve IT Projects through Audits Jrgmy N/A
Tor de-anonymization techniques Juha Nurmi N/A
Nerd-Wrangling 101 Julian 'hds' Finn , Mlp N/A
Responsible Disclosure; How to make your school a safer place. Jurrejelle N/A
Smart Home Security with Tor Kalyan Dikshit N/A
Flip Feng Shui Victor Veen , Kaveh Razavi N/A
Network concepts introduction & wireshark workshop Kirils Solovjovs N/A
Rooting the MikroTik routers Kirils Solovjovs N/A
Ethics and the Events of 9-11 Kirk Wiebe N/A
Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners Kliment N/A
Open cybertable Klondike N/A
Gentoo hardened install party Klondike N/A
Commissioning methods for IoT Lars Lydersen N/A
The Need for Blockchain in International Development Lauren Huber N/A
Exploiting The North American Railways Lazerbeamwizard N/A
SSH - From Zero to Hero (Workshop) Leyrer N/A
Building Businesses that we can Buy Into and Believe In Liz Steininger N/A
Human body as an electric IO system Loek Gijben N/A
dcypher: The Economy of the Attacker Luca Alodi N/A
The Fenrir Project Luca Fulchir N/A
Attacking OpenSSL using Side-channel Attacks Praveen Kumar Vadnala , Lukasz Chmielewski N/A
Resisting Algorithms of Mass Destruction Lyndsey Jackson N/A
Build your own IoT cloud with MQTT Maarten Visser N/A
Making bombs Machtelt Garrels N/A
Biometric ID cards by the billion Malavika Jayaram N/A
Brief history of IoT (Internet of Things) Marco Calamari N/A
Autopsy of IoT - Nabaztag, the Hare Marco Calamari N/A
Failure modes of digital radios Mark-jan Bastian N/A
Lecture Decode: Data-sovereignty back to the citizens Marleen Stikker , Tom Demeyer N/A
SATORI project workshop Marlou Bijlsma N/A
An academic's view to incident response Martin Schmiedecker N/A
Getting started with DIY level 2 autonomous driving Mastro Gippo N/A
Zero to chiptune in one hour Matt Westcott N/A
Mathematics and Video Games Matthew Scroggs N/A
In The Eye of the Beholder Matthew Stender N/A
When Tech MIMICS Reality Matthew Stender N/A
Let There be Light Tim Becker , Matthias Krauß N/A
Cut by the free and open edge Michał "czesiek" Czyżewski , Rysiek Mysli Rysiek N/A
Arduino For Total Newbies Mitch N/A
What the helmet Moem N/A
Moldover: Live Electronic Music! Moldover N/A
Playable Packaging and Custom Musical Interface Design Moldover N/A
Adventures in Spearphishing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Mrieback N/A
Social Enterprises as a Tool for Activism Mrieback N/A
Digital personal locker Multimho N/A
Public Money, Public Code Multimho , Polina Malaja N/A
Meeting dcypher (The Cyber Security Platform for Higher Education and Research) Nicholas Castellon N/A
SHA2017 Badge Niek Blankers , Sebastius N/A
Human Rights and Internet Infrastructure Niels Ten Oever N/A
Analyzing Mailinglists with Python Niels Ten Oever N/A
Digital Civil Society Niels Ten Oever N/A
Automotive microcontrollers. Safety != Security Nils , Ramiro Pareja N/A
Computer crime and criminal law 101 Noud Van Gemert N/A
Hacking Behavioral Economics Nuala Gray N/A
The Practical Activist Nuala Gray N/A
Subtle and Not so Subtle Sexism Nuala Gray N/A
front door nightmare Obiwan666 N/A
Off<>zz Code and Piano Concert Off<>zz N/A
Playing defence is complicated Oscar Koeroo N/A
The law and leaky abstractions Oscar Koeroo N/A
TOYs Paul Wiersbinski N/A
Postapocalyptic Goggles-Workshop Paulaner N/A
VJing at SHA-party Paulaner N/A
Computational Thinking Pauline Maas N/A
Coding with the Micro:bit Workshop 1 Pauline Maas N/A
Coding with the Micro:bit Workshop 2 Pauline Maas N/A
Raspberry Pi Robot Programming Peggy N/A
Intro to Game Boy hacking Pepijn N/A
The Security and Privacy Implications of AI and Machine Learning Peter Eckersley N/A
Public speaking for technical people Peter Van Eijk N/A
dcypher: Post Quantum Crypto Peter Schwabe N/A
On the design of a portable secure filesystem: the crypto bits Phicoh N/A
Cryptowars 2.0: Lessons from the past, for the present Phil Zimmermann N/A
Cryptowars 2.0: Simulcast Phil Zimmermann N/A
Hardware games Phoenix Perry N/A
Data Exploitation Privacy International N/A
Malware: From your text editor, to the United States Government's Lab Quantumcypher N/A
Olmogo - because it's your data! Ralf Schulz N/A
Building A Virtual Reality Website using A-Frame Ram N/A
Traveling Light Raven N/A
Hands up, don't shoot. Unless with a bodycam. Rejo Zenger N/A
Update the updates Rejo Zenger N/A
Neuralscape Bowels Ricardo N/A
Off Grid: Disclosing your 0days in a videogame mod Rich Metson N/A
Off Grid: How to mod and make your own hacks Rich Metson N/A
Off Grid: How to mod and make your own hacks pt.2 Rich Metson N/A
Detecting a breach from an attackers perspective. Rik Van Duijn , Wesley Neelen N/A
The original Internet of Things - Ropes, Knots and Splices Robert Nixdorf N/A
Practical techniques for whistleblowers to defend themselves in a hostile digital world Suelette , Robin Doherty N/A
Run your own VPN provider Rogier J.l. Spoor N/A
OpenINTEL: digging in the DNS with an industrial size digger Roland Van Rijswijk-deij N/A
An introduction into next generation computing using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) Rolf Huisman N/A
How I made my diesel motorcycle Russell N/A
AIL Framework Sami Mokaddem N/A
LED Controller with Raspberry Pi Sasha N/A
Tor & Configuration Management Sebastiaan Provost N/A
Tor, Puppet & Configuration Management Workshop Sebastiaan Provost N/A
Famous C&C servers from inside to outside. Senad Aruc N/A
How hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009 Sijmen Ruwhof N/A
Invitation to help build Quantum Internet Stephanie Wehner N/A
Decentralize! Self-hosting in your own home using Sovereign Sven Neuhaus N/A
Hack-a-ble Tal Melamed N/A
The Campfire Team:safety N/A
SHA2017 Cardbox Boat Regatta Team:safety N/A
Presentations by villagers The Pancake Warriors N/A
Pancake Workshop The Pancake Warriors N/A
Information. What are they looking at? Theresia N/A
The art of creating an escape room Thijs Bosschert N/A
Workshop firebreathing Thomas Meijwaard N/A
Bypassing Secure Boot using Fault Injection Tieknimmers N/A
Social cooling Tijmen Schep N/A
TLS-KDH Tom Vrancken N/A
Relationship status of technology and legislation: It's complicated Ton Siedsma N/A
Can quantum physics break cryptography's curse? Vadim Makarov N/A
Mass Surveillance abusing Computational Linguistics and Human Language Technology Vecirex N/A
Ethics in Technology Vesna Manojlovic N/A
Exploiting Twitter with Tinfoleak for investigative purposes Vicente Aguilera Díaz N/A
Hacking on a boat Vincent Ossewaarde N/A
Art Tech Activism Privacy and Cool Robots Viola N/A
Hormones and Hysteria - what every person should know Viola N/A
Physical Penetration Testing Walter Belgers N/A
Lockpicking and IT Security Walter Belgers N/A
Keysigning Party Webspider N/A
Time Stretching BpmDj Werner Van Belle N/A
How an intern hacked the powergrid Willem Westerhof (itsec) N/A
Weaponized Social Willowbl00 N/A
Pillars of creation 2014 hst wfc3 uvis full res denoised Wisefire N/A
Energy Harvesting for Embedded Systems Yannick Verbelen N/A
Energy Harvesting for Smart Autonomous Electronics 2 Yannick Verbelen N/A
Software Patents v3.0: the Unitary Patent Court Zoobab N/A