Balccon 2017 Sept. 15, 2017 to Sept. 17, 2017, vojvodina,serbia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
VPNs - How to confuse your routing tables @maclemon N/A
Peculiar SSH @maclemon N/A
SSH - Form Zero to Hero (Workshop) @maclemon , Hetti N/A
IoT, SDR, and Car Security Aaron Luo N/A
Pentesting automated voice responders using smart cloud services Vladan Nikolić , Benjamin Lafois N/A
Storytelling in Infosec Christina Czeschik N/A
Moving towards Cyber Resilience Grigorios Fragkos N/A
Protecting bare-metal smart devices with EPOXY Gannimo N/A
Ransomware Hetti N/A
Armbian Igor Pečovnik N/A
A deeper journey into MikroTik routers Kirils Solovjovs , Janis Jansons N/A
Opening ceremony Jelena Georgijević Krasojevic N/A
Art of Dumping Databases Kost N/A
V!4GR4 Matan Lion N/A
FPGA for Software Developers (on U-boat) Miodrag Milanovic N/A
Fedora in education Nemanja Milošević N/A
Lightning Talks Nick Farr N/A
Mobile phone surveillance with BladeRF Nikola Rasovic N/A
Flying sniffer Radu N/A
IOT Workshop Radu N/A
Advanced Threat Hunting Robert Simmons N/A
Travel Security Ryan Lackey N/A
Hacking for Journalism Samantha Sunne N/A
One tool to rule them all Tanoy "n0tty" Bose N/A
Plotting data as music and video in R Thomas Levine N/A
Maker workshop Udruženje "mejker" N/A
Ethics in Technology Vesna Manojlovic N/A
Is the hack goodenough? Vojislav Milivojevic N/A
Data Demolition Zoz N/A
IoT security: Care for some sniff ? Abakalov N/A
Amateur Radio Licence Exam Abakalov N/A
Build an "Easy Ten" morse code transmitter Abakalov N/A
Shader Frenzy Cluosh N/A
Scapy in 45 minutes Guedou N/A
Ninux Ignifugo N/A
Surface Mount Electronics Assembly for Terrified Beginners Kliment N/A
Methodology for Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development M-r Mane Piperevski N/A
How to drink Rakija Meka N/A
Bridging the air-gap Nemanja N/A
Claim control of your Docker images Shekeriev N/A