3rd USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies 2009 Aug. 10, 2009 to Aug. 14, 2009, Montreal, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address: Breaking Dnssec Daniel J. Bernstein , University Chicago More than two hundred sites around the world have installed DNSSEC during the past year, ... Security Keynote
Unpacking Virtualization Obfuscators Rolf Rolles None Security
A Fistful Of Red-Pills: How To Automatically Generate Procedures To Detect Cpu Emulators Roberto Paleari , Lorenzo Martignoni , Giampaolo Fresi Roglia , Danilo Bruschi None Security
Covert Channels Through External Interference Matt Blaze , Gaurav Shah None Security
Rootkits For Javascript Environments Collin Jackson , Adam Barth , Ben Adida None Security Rootkits
Injecting Sms Messages Into Smart Phones For Security Analysis Charlie Miller , Collin Mulliner None Security Analysis
Half-Blind Attacks: Mask Rom Bootloaders Are Dangerous Travis Goodspeed None Security
Routing Loop Attacks Using Ipv6 Tunnels Gabi Nakibly , Michael Arov None Security Routing IPv6
Decaptcha: Breaking 75% Of Ebay Audio Captchas Elie Bursztein , Steven Bethard None Security