ekoparty 2017 Sept. 27, 2017 to Sept. 29, 2017, Buenos Aires,argentina

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Hacking Robots Before Skynet Cesar Cerrudo , Lucas Apa N/A
(In)security of e-voting in Brazil Diego F. Aranha N/A
Blue Pill for your phone Oleksandr Bazhaniuk N/A
The Bicho: An Advanced Car Backdoor Maker Claudio Caracciolo , Sheila Berta N/A
802.11 Protocol Chaos Andres Blanco N/A
Get to the Money: Hacking POS and POP Systems Dmitry Chastuhin N/A
Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives: Evolution Nicolas Alejandro Economou N/A
Inseguridad en alarmas para vehiculos Leandro Ferrari N/A
Pwned in Translation - from Subtitles to RCE Omri Herscovici , Omer Gull N/A
TOR Exit Nodes en la justicia Argentina Rodrigo Iglesias , Hackancuba N/A
The "Bird" That Killed Arbitrary Code Guard Alex Ionescu N/A
Unbox Your Phone - Exploring and Breaking Samsung's TrustZone Sandboxes Daniel Komaromy N/A
Industroyer: biggest threat to industrial control systems since Stuxnet Robert Lipovsky N/A
Automatic bugfinding for the blockchain Felipe Manzano , Josselin Feist N/A
Rusos, chinos, y todos los que se vengan Luciano Martins , Ruth Esmeralda Barbacil N/A
Car Hacking bounties: how to make 10,000 dollars reversing CAN bus messages Alan Mond N/A
Inside Android’s SafetyNet Attestation: Attack and Defense Collin Mulliner N/A
How to cook Cisco: Exploit Development for Cisco IOS. George Nosenko N/A
Turning hard disk drives into accidental microphones Alfredo Ortega N/A
The Java soothsayer: A practical application for insecure randomness vulnerabilities. Alejo Popovici N/A
SeND IPv6 to Graphical Machine Learning Nicolás Rivero Corvalán , Jorge Casanovas N/A
Bypass Android Hack Marcelo Romero N/A
FIESTA: an HTTPS side-channel party Jose Selvi N/A
The Apple of your EFI: An analysis of the state of Apple’s EFI Security Support Rich Smith , Pepijn Bruienne N/A