berlin 2017 Oct. 12, 2017 to Oct. 13, 2017, berling,germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Kesselhaus - Killing the Big Brother Santiago Siri N/A
Private Networking as Part of the DevOps Pipeline Erik Auer N/A
My Bot can Learn - Using Reinforcement Learning to make my Bot look smart Olivia Klose , Marcel Tilly N/A
Microservices Testing In the Docker Era Asaf Mesika N/A
Overview and Outlook of GeoIT Platforms and Components for developers Roland Wagner N/A
How to keep a community thriving a few years in Natalie Pistunovich N/A
How do you create a programming language for the JVM? Federico Tomassetti N/A
Resilient microservices with Kubernetes Mete Atamel N/A
How to write your own Slack Chatbots in Javascript Ansgar Schmidt , Niklas Heidloff N/A
Using technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow Fadi Zaim N/A
Security/Privacy in the IoT generation Guy Rombaut N/A
Think globally, act locally - build stronger distributed agile teams Amela Teftedarija , Darko Nikolic N/A
Understanding software delivery with equations Jacques De Vos N/A
The quantum mechanics of data pipelines Pere Urbon-bayes N/A
The Power of Salesforce APIs Emanuela Troiani N/A
Frontend Frameworkless Development Francesco Strazzullo N/A
Coding In The Woods - Introduction to Coding with Ruby on Rails Robert Schäfer N/A
The Machine Internet - Hyperlinking API Resources Oliver Thamm N/A
Learning Through Mentoring Ricardo Méndez N/A
Sex, Drugs & Personal Games Franziska Zeiner N/A
7 aspects that improve the UX of your app Anna-lena König N/A
How to rock the stage: public speaking for geeks! Lorenzo Barbieri N/A
Monitoring Big Data Systems Done "The Simple Way" Demi Ben-ari N/A
AI on a PI Julien Simon N/A
User Generated Content in an international enviroment - challenges in the open source project Tyranja Anja , Maren Heltsche N/A
Opening up election data Ulrike Thalheim N/A
Developing for the Next Billion Users Natalie Pistunovich N/A
HTTP/2 for dummies Patrizio Munzi N/A
Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures Jenny Shen N/A
GDG Golang Berlin Ole Bulbuk N/A
Why we need more Hackathons in Healthcare Akira Poncette N/A