bsidescalgary 2017 Oct. 19, 2017 to Oct. 20, 2017, calgary,canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
MS Just Gave the Blue Team Tactical Nukes (And How Red Teams Need To Adapt) Chris Thompson N/A
Incident Response Programs - Lessons from NASA's Mission Control Center Seth Jaffe N/A
What We Learned Sniffing 3 Million Plaintext Passwords Michael Spaling N/A
Prepping for a career in infosec Thomas Siry N/A
Accidental Insider-How Hacker’s Target Your IT Staff and Your IT Staff Makes it Easy for Them Jon Murchison N/A
Creating Realistic Cyber Security Policies for Industrial Control Systems Lee Cysouw N/A
I Have a SIEM - How Do I Make It Useful? Julian Pileggi N/A
Using Netflow & Open Source Tools for Network Behavioral Analysis Yves Desharnais N/A
Automate Malware Tools Nick Taylor N/A
OpenStack - An Introduction to Micro-Segmentation and Neutron SFC Michael Gale N/A
Do Containers fully ‘contain’ security issues? A closer look at Docker and Garden Farshad Abasi N/A
Securing your ICS with Defense in Depth and Deep Packet Inspection Erik Schweigert N/A
N/A Chet Wisniewski N/A
Active Directory Security in the Enterprise Steve Mathezer N/A
Understanding A Malware’s On-Demand Polymorphic Code Raul Alvarez N/A
Bluetooth that bites — BTLE unlocking Kevin2600 N/A
Attack of the Document Clones Ross Gibb N/A
Hacking the Internet of Dongs Renderman , Murdoch Monkey N/A
Security in Innovation Chris Timmons N/A
IT vs OT -- Who Wins? Who Loses? Ernie Hayden N/A
The Air Goes In and Out, the Blood Goes Round and Round. Organizing Incident Response. Adam Mcmath N/A
SniffAIR, a wireless security framework. Matthew Eidelberg N/A