HITBSecConf Malaysia 2003 Dec. 12, 2003 to Dec. 14, 2003, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Microsoft Windows Rpc Security Vulnerabilities Last Delirium The presentation will discuss security vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows operating systems in the context of ... Security Exploitation
Security Myths Last Delirium The presentation will discuss various security myths that are still common in the security community. ... Security
Defending Web Applications: Strategies, Methods And Practices Shreeraj Shah Web applications can not be defended by firewall or any other security products. Web application ... Security Web
Hacking With Linux Kernel Modules Nitesh Dhanjani LKMs allow users to write code in the kernel space. Therefore, it becomes extremely easy ... Security
Hacking Software And Hardware In A Pda/Gsm Device Job de Haas The computer world is getting mobile and connected at faster and faster rates. The latest ... Security
Putting The Eye On Ids Meling Mudin Nowadays, a lot of organizations are deploying Intrustion Detection Systems (IDSes) as part of their ... Security
Silence Of The Lamp Mohd. Saleh Raub , Shaharil Malek None Security
From Script Kiddies To Security Consultants Dinesh Nair Frequently, the press has misrepresented hackers, crackers and script kiddies. There is a lot of ... Security
The Value Of Computer Forensics Wong Chun Meng Incident Response (IR) Handling is a hot topic among many organizations these days. Many IT ... Security Forensics
Advanced Exploit Development Hd Moore This presentation focuses on the tools, techniques, and frameworks that can be used to write ... Security Development
Advanced Linux Kernel Keylogger Red Dragon This presentation will discusses some of the more advanced techniques in writing kernel based keyloggers ... Security Monitoring
Event-Driven System Security Vulnerabilities, An Overview And Demonstration Simos Xenitellis The event-driven model is used to implement software systems like graphical user interfaces (GUIs). An ... Security
New Generation Frauds Yerra Raju Security is not the issue of devices, its the issue of people. Many creditcard companies/banks ... Security
Threats To Wireless Networks - War Driving Anurana Saluja Wireless networks have become one of the most interesting targets for hackers today. Organizations today ... Security Wireless