BsidesJacksonville 2017 Oct. 21, 2017 to Oct. 21, 2017, jacksonville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
By the Numbers Threat Intelligence Scott Kauffman N/A
Removing Haystacks to Find Needles - Playing To Our Strengths Chad Roberts N/A
Sifting the Smoldering Smokestack Dan Ramaswami , Rick Rutledge N/A
Compliance? What Compliance? Stacey Banks N/A
The BSides Story Jack Daniel N/A
Cybersecurity at Home - Keeping Safe in a Digital World Bill Crowe N/A
#BadgeLife and the underground economies at InfoSec conventions Brandon Kirby , Remo Kousins N/A
Application Security in a DevOps World Glenn Ford N/A
Surviving the Impending Software Apocalypse Jeff Williams N/A
Hacking College or Getting a Degree Cheap and Fast Gene Cronk N/A
Dungeons and Dragons for the InfoSec Crowd Ed Spencer N/A