Deep 2017 Oct. 3, 2017 to Oct. 4, 2017, boston,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
opening remarks Lior Div N/A
cobalt kitty:a cat and mouse game Assaf Dahan N/A
building a truly collaborative team between the cio and infosec Laura Louthan N/A
the end of small talk Tim Boomer N/A
what cisos can learn from 3 letter agency security programs Robert Bigman N/A
a conversation with steve wozniak Steve Wozniak , Ran Levi N/A
emerging trends in cruptocurrency Joseph Lubin N/A
everything is horrible, we should all go home Amit Serper N/A
destructive attacks in the physical world Kim Zetter , Hans Olsen N/A
the sony hack: the view from the white house situation room Eric Rosenbach N/A
the generation gap and other myths of the industrial age Thomas Koulpoulos N/A
how not to lose your job in 13 months Sam Curry N/A
the trojan horse affair Ran Levi N/A
so you've been breached: who owns accountability? Ari Schwartz , Jonathan Shapira N/A
enter the graph: the next generation of threat handling Danielle Wood N/A
freaks and geeks: why infosec needs to be weird to save the world Tarah Wheeler N/A
now and later: the problem of self control Dan Ariely N/A