HITBSecConf Malaysia 2004 March 4, 2004 to March 7, 2004, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Threats From Spamming John Draper The massive rise in spam mail is not only very annoying to all of us ... Security Mail
Exploit Mitigation Techniques OpenBSD has been auditing software for nearly 10 years, and while we have had significant ... Security Auditing
The Art Of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis On Unix File Systems The Grugq The rise in prominence of incident response and digital forensic analysis has prompted a reaction ... Security Analysis Unix
Phreaking In The 21St Century Emmanuel Gadaix Icons like Captain Crunch remind us that there was a time when phreakers were all ... Security
Is Phreaking Dead? We Beg To Differ! Emmanuel Gadaix This presentation will focus on advanced phreaking techniques for the 21st century warrior. After a ... Security Infrastructure
Attacks And Counter Measures In 2.5G And 3G Cellular Ip Networks Ollie Whitehouse This presentation will cover and in addition carry on from the paper published in March ... Security
Java 2 Micro Edition (J2Me) Security Vulnerabilities Adam Gowdiak The talk will discuss Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) security in detail. First, general introduction ... Security Exploitation
Packet Mastering Jose Nazario The packet manipulation libraries "libdnet", "libpcap", and "libnids" are seen by many as difficult to ... Security Development
Asymmetric Warfare And Interception Revealed Fabio Ghioni None Security
Advanced Information Gathering Aka Google Hacking Gareth Davies This presentation will cover the wealth of information that can be gathered passively about an ... Security
Windows Local Kernel Exploitation S.k. Chong This presentation will highlight mechanisms to exploit the Windows Kernel for useful local privilege escalation. ... Security Exploitation
Web Services - Attacks And Defense Strategies, Methods And Tools Shreeraj Shah Web services business is projected to grow from $1.6 billion (2004) to $34 billion (2007). ... Security Web
Security Tools Integration Framework (Stif) Fyodor Yarochkin Meder and Fyodor will be presenting the result of their efforts to create a common ... Security Analysis
Cryptography Demystified Suresh Ramasamy This paper aims to present the introduction of cryptography, demystifying the terminology behind the elusive ... Security Cryptography
Stealth Virus Design Thru Breeding Concept (Non Polymorphic) Teo Sze Siong Most polymorphic virus design it is not totally flawless because the virus researchers can extract ... Security
Defeating Kernel Native Api Hookers Chew KEONG Tan Win32 Kernel Rootkits modify the behaviour of the system by Kernel Native API hooking. This ... Security Rootkits
Information Network Security Issues In The Communications And Multimedia Industry Toh SWEE Hoe In issues of information and network security, the Malaysian communications and multimedia industry is guided ... Security Infrastructure