skydogcon 2017 Oct. 20, 2017 to Oct. 22, 2017, nashville,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Skydog N/A
Intro to the SDC#7 CTF James Bower N/A
Description of games Tom Ruff N/A
Training Everyone to Lead Curtis Koenig N/A
Overkill: The Home Edition James Powell N/A
Crowdsourced Disaster Response: Hurricane Harvey Rich Macvarish N/A
The State of the Insanity Fbi N/A
Better OSINT for BETTER Social Engineering Joe Gray N/A
DNC Hacked Data In The Hands Of A Trained Intelligence Professional Dave Marcus , Wally Prather N/A
9 Reasons Your SOC is failing Madmex N/A
KEYNOTE SPEAKER Jayson E. Street , Scotty Moulton N/A
Finding your next CyberSec Job Bob Wheeler N/A
Fun With Network Traffic Analysis Marcelle N/A
Cargo Cults and the Reference Interview (a brief history of) Joe Schottman N/A
Pen Testing Is Dead: Adapt Or Demise James Bower N/A
Breaking $#!+ With Passive Network Assessments...Without Breaking Your Client's Budget Antonio "Tony" Rucci N/A
SSH+MSF+TOR = Anonymous Remote Shells Catatonic Prime N/A
Hacking the IoT: A Case Study Phoenix Snoke , Nancy N/A
Anti-OSINT...or hiding from The Man Grid N/A
CTF Q&A James Bower N/A
Implementing Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics In The Real World Russell Buttrini N/A
Cable Magic Redvers Davies N/A
Death of an Infosec Professional L0stkn0wledge N/A
Body Channel Communications: Security Applications David Ermer N/A