DEF CON 13 July 29, 2005 to July 31, 2005, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Internet Survivability, Threats And Efforts Paul Vixie , Gadi Evron None Security
Hackers And The Media- Misconceptions And Critical Tools To Combat Them Patty L. Walsh None Security
Physical Security Bypass Techniques: Exploring The Ethics Of Full Disclosure Matt Fiddler , Marc Weber Tobias None Security
Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Networks And Information Integration Dr. Linton Wells None Security
The Internet'S March Of Folly: How, From Arpa To Wsis, Internet Governance Has Consistently Pursued Policies Contrary To Its Self Interest Paul Vixie None Security
Recapturing The Revolutionary Heart Of Hacking Richard Thieme None Security
End-To-End Voice Encryption Over Gsm: A Different Approach Wesley Tanner , Nick Lane-smith None Security
The Revolution Will Not Be Copyrighted: Why You Should Care About Free Culture Elizabeth Stark , Fred Benenson None Security
Hacking Google Adwords Stankdawg None Security
Attacking Web Services: The Next Generation Of Vulnerable Apps Alex Stamos , Scott Stender None Security Web
“Shadow Walker ” — Raising The Bar For Rootkit Detection Jamie Butler , Sherri Sparks None Security
Dira: Automatic Detection, Identification, And Repair Of Control-Hijacking Attacks Tzi-cker Chiueh , Alexey Smirnov None Security
Automation - Deus Ex Machina Or Rube Goldberg Machine? Haroon Meer , Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh Security Automation
Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Wardriving Matthew L. Shuchman , Frank Thornton None Security Legal
Why Tech Documentaries Are Impossible (And Why We Have To Do Them Anyway.) Jason Scott None Security
Hacking Windows Ce San None Security
Credit Cards: Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know Robert "hackajar" Imhoff-dousharm None Security
Passive Host Auditing John Ives Security Auditing
Black Ops 2005 Dan Kaminsky None Security
Doing Not-For-Profit Tech: The Hacker Foundation Year In Review Jennifer Granick , Nick Farr , Jesse Fiedler Krembs , Emerson Tan , Frazier Cunningham , James Schuyler , Christian Wright None Security
A Linguistic Platform For Threat Development Ben Kurtz None Security Development
The Dark Side Of Winsock Jonathan Levin None Security
Google Hacking For Penetration Testers Johhny Long None Security
Introducing Unicornscan - Riding The Unicorn Robert E. Lee , Jack C. Louis None Security
Social Engineering Do'S And Don'Ts (A Femaie Perspective) Beth Louis (phen) None Security
The Six Year Old Hacker: No More Script Kiddies Kevin Mccarthy None Security
Old Skewl Hacking - Infrared Major Malfunction None Security
Visual Security Event Analysis Raffael Marty None Security Analysis
Trust Transience: Post Intrusion Ssh Hijacking Metalstorm None Security
Atm Network Vulnerabilities Robert Morris None Security
Hacking The Mind (Influence And Nlp) Mystic None Security
Ask Eff: The Year In Digital Liberties Kevin Bankston , Kurt Opsahl , Seth Schoen , Wendy Seltzer , Annalee Newitz None Security
Introduction To Lockpicking And Physical Security Deviant Ollam None Security
Bypassing Authenticated Wireless Networks Anthony Lineberry , Dean Pierce , Brandon Edwards None Security Wireless
Shmoo-Fu: Hacker Goo, Goofs, And Gear With The Shmoo Bruce Potter , Beetle , Cowboym , Dan Moniz , Rodney Thayer , 3ricj , Pablos None Security
Suicidal Linux Bruce Potter None Security
Assymetric Digital Warfare Roberto Preatoni , Fabio Ghioni None Security
Forensic Data Acquisition Tools Rs None Security
Pen-Testing The Backbone Raven Alder None Security
Licensing Agreements 101: The Creative Commons License Jim "FalconRed" Rennie None Security
The Next Generation Of Cryptanalytic Hardware David Hulton None Security
Geoip Blocking, A Controversial But (Sometimes) Effective Approach Tony Howlett None Security
Meme Mining For Fun And Profit Broward Horne None Security
No Women Allowed?&Nbsp;Exploring Gender Differences In Hacking Thomas J. Holt None Security
Your Defense Is Offensive Hellnbak None Security
The Insecure Workstation Ii `Bob Reloaded Deral Heiland None Security
Lost In Translation Christian Grothoff None Security
Surgical Recovery From Kernel-Level Rootkit Installations Julian Grizzard None Security
Top Ten Legal Issues In Computer Security Jennifer Granick None Security Legal
Inequality And Risk Paul Graham None Security Risk
Intro To High Security Locks And Safes Deviant Ollam , Michael D. Glasser None Security
Bacon: A Framework For Auditing And Pentesting Hernan Gips None Security Auditing
Hacking In A Foreign Language: A Network Security Guide To Russia (And Beyond) Kenneth Geers None Security
A Safecracking Double Feature: Dial ‘B’ For Backdialing And Spike The Wonder Safe Leonard Gallion None Security
Hacking Nmap Fyodor None Security
The Power To Map: How Cyberspace Is Imagined Through Cartography Kristofer Erickson None Security
The Hacker’S Guide To Search And Arrest Steve Dunker None Security
Whiz Kids Or Juvenile Delinquents: A Sociological Perspective The Construction Of Hacker Identity Amanda Dean None Security
The Information Security Industry: $3 Billion Of Snake Oil David Cowan None Security
Sketchtools: Prototyping Physical Interfaces Matt Cottam None Security
Countering Denial Of Information Attacks Greg Conti None Security
Routing In The Dark: Scalable Searches In Dark P2P Networks Ian Clarke , Oskar Sandberg None Security Routing
Development Of An Undergraduate Security Program Daniel Burroughs None Security Development
Auto-Adapting Stealth Communication Channels Daniel Burroughs None Security
Panel: A Discussion Of The Regional Def Con Groups Dc Groups None Security
Meet The Fed Jim Christy , Various other Feds None Security
Analysis Of Identity Creation Detection Schemes Post- 9/11 Cerebus None Security Analysis
Be Your Own Telephone Company...With Asterisk Strom Carlson , Black Ratchet None Security
Mosquito - Secure Remote Code Execution Framework Wes Brown , Scott Dunlop None Security
Ciso Q&Amp;A With Dark Tangent Pamela Fusco , Scott Blake , Ken Pfiel , Justin Somaini , Andre Gold , David Mortman Security
Reverse Engineering Network Protocols Using Bioinformatics Marshall Beddoe None Security
Introducing The Bastille Hardening Assessment Tool Jay Beale None Security
A New Hybrid Approach For Infrastructure Discovery, Monitoring And Control Ofir Arkin None Security Infrastructure Monitoring
On The Current State Of Remote Active Os Fingerprinting Ofir Arkin None Security
Trends In Licensing Of Security Tools Chuck Willis None Security
Attacking Biometric Access Control Systems Zamboni None Security Access
The Unveiling Of My Next Big Project Philip R. Zimmermann None Security
The Nmrc Warez 2005 Extravaganza Weasel , Jrandom , Ertia , Madhat , Steve ( Hellnbak ) Manzuik , Simple Nomad Security
Building Wardriving Hardware Workshop Matthew “pilgrim” None Security
Death Of A Thousand Cuts – Forensics Johnny Long None Security Forensics