HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006 Sept. 18, 2006 to Sept. 21, 2006, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Engineering In Windows Vista Ian Hellen Presentation Title:Presentation Details:This paper will present a technical overview of the security engineering process behind ... Security Infrastructure Community Risk Analysis
Playing With Botnets For Fun And Profit Thorsten Holz Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Botnets are still a huge threat within the Internet. These network of compromised ... Security Botnets
Taming Bugs: The Art And Science Of Writing Secure Code Paul Boehm Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Writing secure code isn’t just about avoiding bugs. If you give a thousand ... Security Cryptography
Attacking The Ipv6 Protocol Suite Van ( vanHauser ) Hauser Presentation Title:Presentation Details:IPv6 is arriving slowly in Europe, but an important topic in Japan and ... Security IPv6
Naips/Aaips - A New Approach To Protecting Your Data Fabrice Marie Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Intrusion detection systems have existed for the last 20 years, and trends have ... Security Web
Top 10 Web 2.0 Attacks Saumil Udayan Shah Presentation Title:Presentation Details:TBAAbout Shreeraj ShahShreeraj Shah, B.E., MSCS, MBA, is the founder of Blueinfy, a ... Security Web
X.805 Standard Ching Tim Meng Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Network security should be designed around a strong and flexible security framework, coupled ... Security Wireless Firewall Risk
The World Through The Eyes Of A Signature Developer Jonathan Limbo Presentation Title:Presentaiton Details:As part of the Signature Development Team with Cisco Systems, he will be ... Security Access
Client Honeypots - It’S Not Only The Network Michael L. Davis Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The Client Honeypot is a new implementation of the classic honeypot concept. Honeypots ... Security Web Monitoring Community Analysis Malware
Firefox Security Window Snyder Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Window Snyder will be presenting a look at the new security features in ... Security Web Analysis
Triple Play; Triple Threat? — Iptv Security Yen Ming Chen Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The xe2u20acu0153Triple-playxe2u20acx9d strategy (Data, Voice and Video) is set to enable Telecoms to ... Security Analysis Business
Pentesting Java/J2Ee - Discovering Remote Holes Marc Schönefeld Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Java/J2EE is a widely used industry standard for business applications, although designed with ... Security Analysis Business
Visualising Source Code For Auditing Lisa Thalheim Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Auditing large amounts of source code can be a challenging task. With ever-growing ... Security Wireless Auditing Development
Scapy And Ipv6 Networking Philippe Biondi Presentation Title:Presentation Details:We will quickly present Scapy, a packet manipulation program. We will show how ... Security IPv6
Finding Secrets In Isapi Nishbhalla Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Developers programming in C/C++ hide secrets in code. Assumptions are made that no ... Security Web
Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit Joanna Rutkowska Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The presentation will first present how to generically (i.e. not relaying on any ... Security Malware Development Testing
A New Approach To Cybercrime: The Hacker’S Profiling Project (Hpp) Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The talk will detail the results learned from the first two years of ... Security Panel Analysis
Pen Testing Windows Vista Bitlocker Drive Encryption From The Inside Douglas Maciver Presentation Title:Presentation Details:This insider’s candid perspective on the threat analysis and penetration of BitLocker Drive ... Security Testing
The Biggest Brother Roberto Preatoni Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Roberto Preatoni withFabio Ghioniwill present an overview about the ongoings in matters of ... Security Community Media Cyberwar
Towards An Invisible Honeypot Monitoring System Nguyen Anh Quynh Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Honeypot is a decoy system to trap attackers, and data capture tool is ... Security Monitoring
Hacking A Bird In The Sky: Hijacking Vsat Connections Jim Geovedi Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Since the mid 1950s, satellite communication systems have made enormous advances in capability ... Security Wireless Access Development Testing
Smashing The Stack For Profit - Period Rohyt Belani Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Attacks that I have responded to in the recent past have rarely been ... Security Wireless
Presentation Title: Carlos Sarraute Using Neural Networks and Statistical Machinery to improve remote OS DetectionPresentation Details:The problem of remote ... Security Analysis Cryptography
Mosref: Using Cryptography And Injectable Virtual Machines In Security Wes Brown Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Mosquito is a secure remote execution framework available via LGPL that combines high-grade ... Security Cryptography
Voiphreaking: Siphallis Unveiled The Grugq Presentation Title:Presentation Details:The continued explosive growth of VoIP technology deployment has not been matched by ... Security Analysis Testing
Yet Another Web Application Testing Toolkit (Yawatt) Fyodor Yarochkin Presentation Title:Presentation Detail:Fyodor and Meder will present the results of their research in the area ... Security Web Testing